Manley Tube Direct Mono & Dual Mono DI Close Window  

Hi EveAnna:

The new web page looks great - I went to the Mausoleum right away! Shows you where my head is at these days.

In the latest Boisen Audio Recording Arts Newsletter I wrote, "We are particularly proud to have some new goodies from Manley Labs, the world's top manufacturer of modern tube gear." But that is really a brief understatement at best. I have to tell you that I've bought, sold, and reviewed a lot of stuff over the last couple of years, and every piece of Manley gear I've acquired stands out as a new treasure and a quantum leap in the sound of my studio.

Bass tracks recorded with the Tube DI box often win out over a miked cabinet, or contribute the majority of the bass sound in a mix with little or no added eq. This simply does not happen with a solid state DI.

The Reference Cardioid Mic is simply unreal for acoustic guitar, drum overhead or room miking, percussion, and of course on vocals it has a stunning, million-dollar sound. You gave me some tips on how to deal with its inherent brightness, and I've found that a thick U-87 type foam windscreen is helpful to tone down the highs on some sources. For the analog recording that I do it's often just great as is. The Ref Card is also one of the hottest and quietest mics I have, and its probably the closest I'll ever get to owning something like an AKG C-12. My only regret is that this mic came along too late to make my "Top 10 Mics" list.

I don't even know where to start with the Stereo Vari-Mu... I'll tell you what I tell everyone else, "After hearing what the Variable-Mu can do for a mix, I want to remix every record I've ever done." It also makes a wonderful single channel compressor for vocals, especially with the Ref Card mic, and my new 40 dB Manley mic pre!

Thank you for making my ears happier than they've ever been!

Best regards, Myles Boisen
Boisen Audio Recording Arts
Electronic Musician magazine reviewer