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Here's the recording bass rig I'm rocking with!

Manley Vox Box
(compressor and PRE)
to my Manley Massive Passive
to my Manley SLAM for AtoD converters!

international superstar

I bought a Voxbox recently, and I just wanted to congratulate you:


and then

The final 10% or the last mile, whatever you´ll call it.

Mat / saucermen / Switzerland

I use this VoxBox mainly for live performance of C flute and Alto flute but also for their recording. It is "Pristine" in tonal quality for my flutes. Makes my live mix sound close to my recorded mixes. Thanks for demanding sonic quality above all else! Milton Messenger, Flutist/Composer.

Hi EveAnna,

I Just received my Voxbox, and I've been doing tracks with it and this thing is God Damn Amazing!!!. It sounds so true and pure, I can't even listen to my old tracks anymore. I find they all sound unatural, phasy or boxed in or whatever when I A/B them to the Manley. Especially the ones with the little cheap console I have! And this is same room, same mic, same voice and everything so that just goes to show you what this thing can do. But you already knew that, but I didn't... So thanks a lot, I have to go recut all my old tracks, more work, that's what I need...

I had rented the Xxxxxx ###XX and did some tracks with it and was an improvement over my Mackie preamps but didn't thought it was worth all that money. So I was researching your Voxbox wondering how it was. And after reading the reviews a few times each which were all killer and reading comments on, I was even more confused. Reviews were great but some comments on and 3Daudio were "soso" compared to the Xxxxxx. And they wouldn't let me try it out in the only store that had one in Montreal which wouldn't have been the real test anyhow, without forking out $125 to rent it per day to bring it to my studio.

So I took the plunge and bought it without trying it, Scary for me! Cuz some guys said every preamp sounded within 10% of each other, and i didn't know whether to believe them. All I can say after comparing is, some guys don't have good ears.

The Xxxxxx ###XX doesn't measure up to this thing. I don't know about their other stuff but... I listen to stuff I did with it and I just redid them with the Voxbox and it's just better sounding in the mix.. The sound quality is just so much more pure and open. It's really hard to describe in words because it's so subtle but as soon as I switch to the other preamps tracks I can hear the difference and it's just better. Fits better in the mix. What I find funny is a lot of guys said they liked the Xxxxxx on that 3Daudio cd and the Manley was barely mentioned! And I tried both and don't regret paying twice as much as I would of paid for the Xxxxxx. Go figure...I'm really happy with this unit and just had to let you know!

So thanks a lot. You've given me hope. I never heard my voice sound so good! And I'm too much of a perfectionist for my own good so... Sincerely,

Chris Martineau

Dear EveAnna,

Please add 12-string acoustic/electric guitars to the list of applications for the VoxBox. I own a beautiful Taylor 12-string that I play through my VoxBox. I was already playing it through some pretty good stuff (Midas Venice, Meyer Sound loudspeakers). One day I let the guitar go through the VoxBox and - well, words like 'depth' and, 'warmth' aren't enough - it was nothing less than "emotional". OK I'll dry up now...

The band I'm in does a cover of Led Zep's "Song Remains the Same", and I love the way the VoxBox brings my acoustic 12-string way out in front of those annoying Marshalls.


Martin Oliver
Capistrano Beach, CA


It's Walt Vincent. I bought the Voxbox. I was with Marc Dauer, who got the refcard.

I love this damn thing. Every problem I thought I had with the Refcard mic has been resolved by the voxbox. I couldn't really tell what the mic sounded like until I had a mic pre as good as the mic.

Anyway, I got the sweetest chain in town now. Thanks. I've got some good pictures Pete Yorn singing into the REFCARD. Trying to find one that has a good shot of his face AND the mic.

I will send you a copy of the record I produced and recorded almost entirely through the REFCARD. It's coming out March 27th on columbia, and I think is gonna do pretty well.

Anyway, thanks for hooking me up. I'm broke, but I'm glad I did it. Work is fun when you love your tools...

thanks again


My measure of success will certainly be by the amount of Manley gear in my studio racks. I started a voice over business and audio production studio 5 years ago with the bare basics available at Radio Shack, in 2001, I was finally able to upgrade the mic chain to a U87 with am MANLEY mic pre. A combination recommended by the Chief Engineers at ABC, CBS, and FOX... that's when I stopped calling around. I knew what I was working toward to have the equipment necessary to do Network promo jobs. Duane at Sweetwater Audio talked me into going for the works with a VoxBox. It is a remarkably clean, and superior unit. I love it! Now, after 6 months of VoxBox use, I can't wait to try some of the rest. Maybe one day I'll even be blessed enough to make a custom order!

Thank you for your excellent work,

tc ;-)

T.C. McGuire, Voice Talent/Producer
T.C. McGuire Production Services

An excerpt from Mike Rivers' r.a.p. show report following the September 1998 AES Convention:

The Envelope Please . . . .

It was really nice to see our own good buddy EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs receive a TEC award for her first solo design project, the Voxbox. Traditionally these awards go to mainstream products ("harrumph!" says EveAnna "The Voxbox OUGHT to be a mainstream product") rather than to the designers who put quality above all, so this was a breath of fresh air. You should be proud, and we're proud of you.

Mike Rivers

From: "Keith Schneider"
To: "EveAnna Manley"
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 4:56 PM
Subject: My voxboxes

I just thought I'd tell you about my experience with my set of voxboxes I bought last month...

After unpacking the pair, and just looking quietly at the new toys for a while, I realized that I finally own not one, but two of the dreamiest pieces of gear I have ever imagined. I then actually powered them up, and decided I should take them for a test drive.

I own some nice mics...Neumann and such, but I decided to go a different route than just recording some acoustic guitar tracks & being impressed, as I knew I would.

I decided that the only way to really hear something that would surprise me was to plug the acoustic guitar piezo pickup into the 1/4" jack input and see how the Manley sound could tame the wicked piezo pickup.

Now, to describe what happened, I must first tell you I own one of the best standalone acoustic guitar pickup preamps around, made by LR baggs. I have had this box for years, and know its sound well. I still would never consider recording with the pickup thru the LR baggs pre, it sounds awful at best.

What I heard when I changed to the voxbox, cannot really be described as "better". The sound was literally transformed to something good. I was absolutely amazed how much more like a useable and musical instrument the voxbox made the guitar sound opposed to the LR baggs. The pickup actually became a sound that I could use on a recording, almost absurd. I went back & forth, several times, and the same thing kept happening. Ridiculous!

I will be doing a microphone shootout this weekend. We are picking up two mics worthy of the voxbox (although the voxbox did wonders on my SM 57 test)

We will be auditioning;

Lawson L47MP tube
Neumann tube with the M7 capsule
A pair of Brauner mics (tube)
the "inexpensive" Manley mic
two different Soundeluxe tube mics

We will have fun for sure, and hope to find a set of mics that pair up well with the voxboxes.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful and musical device. Magic like this makes the creative process quite a bit more exciting. I am sure we will treasure our voxboxes for decades.

Keith Schneider

dear eveanna,.

wow!!!!!!!!,.. i plugged in my new lennon casino,into the voxbox,.and it sounded just like heaven,.. the bass,. and vocal mike too!!!,. thanks for the smiles and chicken lunch.. i wanted to let you know i had an out of body experience when i plugged in the voxbox,,, thanks for helping me out, if there is anything i can ever do i'm there, regards devin

Sent on 02/07/2000 by Devin Powers

hello dear manley people

i'm a soundengineer/producer/musician and running a nice "medium-size" studio with two other guys in northern switzerland. i met eva-anna some years ago at the aes-convention in munich and we had a nice talk together, mostly about tube compressors.


when you released your vox-box i felt really excited, that unit seemed to be the one i always dreamed of. there were several combined "recording-boxes" out there but they either didn't sound as good as in my dreams or they didn't have the right features. e.g. during mixdown, nobody wants to decide wether he could use compressor for the leadvocal or the compressor as a souped up deesser at the expense of the whole eq-section! that's bullshit, you want to compress anyway and sometimes you need to deess just a little bit and then you have to put your nicely recorded vocals thru a bloody desser and might ruin it. I've heard people saying that the vox-box seems a bit too clean for an all tube unit, but i think it's much easier to develop lowprice tubegear that distortes early and gives you a fat and warm but on the other hand rather unprecise picture of what you record. many people think that tubes are weak audioelements with a subjectiv "nice" sound, but then they probably never heard a real high-class thing like your vox-box or a pultec eq , where stableness (is this proper english?) and headroom enable to treat a well recorded instrument or voice with the biggest respect(i'm getting a bit philosophic, i know). but the nicest thing with the vox-box is its supereasy and absolutely foolproof operation. you have to cut the singers vocals at the first pass and he starts to scream in the chorus? no problem, the vu-needle starts to dance but the sound is still o.k. it may sound a bit simple but since we have the vox-box, studiowork is more fun. it's faster, easier and sounds better!


o.k. "now it's enough hay down" as we say here, translated in swiss-german, and i'm looking forward to your reply

tom etter
star*track studiokombinat
8200 schaffhausen

Hey Eve Anna:

I'm an L.A. record producer musician/songwriter type guy (and quite a handsome man I might add), and I called up Manley a few weeks ago with a question, and they passed me to you. You were great to talk with, and I really appreciated your genuine effort at being helpful, and you were very generous with your time. Very hard to come by these days......

anyway, the reason I emailed you is that I bought your variable mu and voxbox last week, and they both caught on fire, burned my studio and home to the ground, and left me permanently disfigured and I'm suing you for 4 million bucks!

oh yeah, I also wanted to pass this along: my buddy had a competitors he wanted sell me, so he came over and we spent an afternoon doing a head to head comparison between it and your Voxbox. I still had time to return the Voxbox and get a refund if my friends was better, and save $1500. in the process. The word on the street was the other one was great.....

We did vocals, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. The Voxbox blew away your competitors box in all respects. Not just in a self righteous audiofile - I take myself and my ears a way to seriously- I can't really hear the difference but I look elitist if I like this brand -sort of difference, but a difference which I believe any lay person could hear. Your unit had this directness, honestness, clarity, in your faceness that was startling compared to the other. We did individual tests of the mic pre, compressor and EQ. The other mic pre sounded squishy, and scooped in the mid, and the highs were gritty compared to yours. Their compressor was almost unusable and yours was natural and transparent. Their EQ sounded electronic and brittle, yours tight and together. Their instrument input sucked royally and sucked the highs, yours was great! I was shocked by the results of this test. I expected the other one to be just as good, and half the price. I figured yours was a little esoterically priced. I was wrong, and I will always auditon gear for myself from now on instead of believing reviewers.

One complaint: not enough input gain to get adequate compression in some instances, especially on the instrument input. I guess I shouldn't have pummeled the Voxbox with a crowbar when the level was too low. Perhaps I over reacted. I didn't need that $3000. anyway.

Another thing, your manual was one of the best, most comprehensive, and down to earth - written by a human and not a computer - I have read. I like that you put some creative application use tips in there for people like me who don't have a clue what they are doing or what they write in emails to manufacturers of stuff they bought because they have too much time and money on their hands and precious little talent.

In all serioiusness, I like your Voxbox so much I wanted you to know.

Leslie Howe

PS - The Voxbox looks cool in my rack too...ya get more chicks that way!

Lee Evans, owner of Jambox Studios in NYC sent us his praises and pictures of his pride and joy!

Check out for more cool pictures...

Thanks Lee!