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Recently found a good use for the ELOP. I had to mix some stuff that was recorded directly into that awful Pro Tools thing. The drums sounded horrid. What I ended up doing was what I normally do to the drums then routing them to a pair of faders and compressing the whole kit together with the ELOP. It really helped me.

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E (serial number 38)

Date: 1996/12/01


(Casey Pechet) wrote:

In as much as the genuine article has a wonderful cachet, you can buy a Manley Electro-Optical for 2500.00 brand new. For my money, the Manley not only sounds better than the LA2, it's a lot less money.

From: Scott Dorsey

Date: 1996/12/01


The Manley el-op design is a very clean compressor; basically unless it's compressing, the signal path is empty. So, if you want something that doesn't alter the sound a whole lot when it doesn't have to, it's a good choice.

The variable-mu compressor works on the same principle as the Fairchild 670 except that it works a hell of a lot better. The variable-mu stage does add a lot more coloration in when it's not compressing (because it's basically a nonlinear element that is always in the signal path), but it's very fast and has a very wide range. So, if you need to crunch stuff a lot, follow peaks quickly, and get a lot of density at the expense of coloration, it's a good choice.


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