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Hey Eve Anna. I hope that you remember me I bought a Dual Mono Mic Preamp that you send me in Italy. With that letter wonna be thank you very much for your extraordinary microphone preamplifier. Now It's almost Five year that I use on the field and in any weather situation my Manley Preamp, without any problem. All the time I have a very good sound I'm here to tell you, to go to listen the soundtrack of The last Mel Gibson Movie "The Passion of the Christ". I did the sound of that extraordinary movie and all the sound was recorded on location using the MANLEY Tube Preamp. All the sound guys in L.A. that did the sound post production wrote me a lot of letter telling me how beautiful was the live recording of production sound. I think that I have to thank you at Manley because is also for your job that I did that wonderful sound. So let me tell you thank you very much and go ahead with your wonderful tubes philosophy.

Best Regards
Maurizio Argentieri
Sound designer & Audio consultant

Hi EveAnna,

I received my Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre in time for some serious weekend work.

I'm so pleased. Up to this point I was using a lower quality, inexpensive pre... I won't mention the name, but let's just say that it claimed to have the essence of tube sound... I guess in all fairness, considering the price point, it was still better than my onboard pres.

But now... whew! With the Manley, there is no more "wanna be tube" sound. There is nothing but pure, transparent, tightly focused warmth! Does that make sense?

Anyway, I am able to get the sounds that I'm looking for on vocals, keyboards and acoustic instruments. I was overwhelmed at the difference from the Manley Pre when used as a direct input for my electric guitar!

So I just wanted to thank you and let you know that the Manley is one of my most prized pieces of equipment in my studio.

Best regards,


I have to tell you something. I just finished a recording (solo acoustic guitar). I used the roland vs-880 hard disk recorder and four channels to record: 1 pickup

  • a groove tube through a manley preamp
  • a earthworks through a millennia preamp
  • an audio technica through a millennia preamp

    When I was recording, I was thinking "...gee, the Manley doesn't sound as good as the others". But, when it came to mixdown and eq-ing, the Manley sounded much better. (As far as I could tell) just as quiet and much more natural sounding. The Manley has a great fleshy textured sound. Really natural but still bright and edgy. Just thought I'd let you know. Your stuff is the bomb.


    Larry -

    I'm glad you like the Variable-MU as much as I do. It is a nice piece and I haven't printed a mix without it in more than two years (which includes at least one platinum album). I also own the dual 40 dB mic amp and use it a lot. I think you will like it as much as your limiter. While tracking an extremely LOUD singer last year, I kept getting some obnoxious crunch. I blamed the mic amp, even though I new the gain controls are actually input trims before the gain stage. The Manley folks were mystified, I was freaking, and they responded with a remarkable bench test of the 40 dB mic amp under various loads. In nearly thirty years of this work, I've never had any manufacturer do more than blow me off, much less put their box through the wringer and send me the results! To make a long story short(er), the mic amp is capable of huge output levels into most loads and I figured out finally that the C12-VR mic was actually blowing up and needed a full 20dB pad switched in for this vocalist (a first for me). Get your hands on one of those Manley mic amps, you'll like it.

    Regards, Mark Williams

    Subject: Mic pre's compared

    Date: 1996/05/28

    Hi all,

    I just returned from a friend's studio where I compared some mic pre's. I'm looking for a mic pre for mainly voice-over work and some foley recording.

    Tonight I listened to:

    - Manley Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier (40dB version)

    - Tubetech MP-1A

    - Focusrite 4 channel Red series

    The mic was a Neumann U67 reissue.

    When testing blindfold I always preferred the Manley, delivering the richest sound (the Tubetech was a close 2nd and the Focusrite wasn't as good as the others). I realize I'm being subjective here (but then again, every listening test is subjective). Having read a lot about the Millennia Media in this newsgroup, I would also like to check it out, but I don't know a distributor in Belgium or another country in Europe. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, Thierry