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Another happy guy:
Hi EveAnna,

Just a short note to say how utterly amazed I am at this preamp. After waiting for your "Wave" replacement I ordered one of these little guys.

Oh boy. This is one of the finest preamps I have ever heard.



From a customer's review on Audiogon:

"04-17-11: Musicophile Yes, I am gaining some impressions of Manley Neo-Classic 300B. When I change a component I always get sensitive about a couple of things and I have then to listen for a long time to get the nuances. And I'm not a guy who changes gear often.

The preamp has played around 110 hours. So it probably still need some breaking-in. However, it doesn't seem to change as much each day now.

My first impressions is that this Manley 300B preamp interprets the signals from the source in an authoritative way: it portraits music in a bold and dramatic way. Music is played with dynamic swings, both in micro and macro parts. The timbre of instruments and voices is rich and organic. Yet, the most unexpected quality is that is more transparent than my last preamp: Leben RS-28CX. This comes forward in a clearer presentation of low noises in a piece of music but also a more holographic and dimensional projection of the music into my living room.

Musically the 300B satisfies me immensely. It seem to have the magical qualities of the 300B tube, but playing together with the Snappers it really rocks: plenty of bass, slam and drama. So this match gives that midrange magic with a lot of power. And speaking of midrange: voices just stand out of a band. It is so clear, natural and with an inner glow.

I think I've become manleyfied: 300B and Snappers are staying."

Dear Eveanna,

A quick note to let you know how much I'm enjoying your 300B preamp.

I just can't stop playing music since receiving it.

The preamp is natural, dynamic with tighter bass than the shrimp. The 300B preamp is also far purer, faster and has the deepest soundstage I've ever heard.

The MID is the real thing very reveling and just sounds right!

I'd like to thank you for your personal handling my order end-to-end.

Thank you all and keep up the good job

Yaniv Erel

Bonjour Madame Manley,

Hi, hope you like reading some feedback from your customer 'cause it's gonna be another e-mail to read today! and sorry if my English is not perfect but I wanted to drop you a few words about the 300B preamp. It's funny because this preamp is so good that I needed to talk about to you!. I've got a Studer cd player and I'm listening with an Senn.HD600 headphone upgraded with Cardas cable and another Cardas interconnect ( an old one that I need to change...even more resolution!). Well, sorry, I will try to be short. I've got a really amazing sound, I'm crazy about tubes since 15 years now but I'd never listened to 300B before (what a shame!), let me tell you that this tube IS THE TUBE. I've got a truly breathtaking result, absolutely neutral with the complete harmonics of ALL the instruments and details beyond expectation. This is not only the best line driver it's also the best headphone amps available. Believe me there is no match for this product and for the 300B. (Well, of course you know your gears!). Also the construction is as good as the sound is, my hat off to all the crew who worked on it. (very nice improvement in the design too ).

So a perfect product and I wish to you're factory a veeery looong life.

Best regards.
Gilles Mariel.

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