Manley Neo-Classic 250 Watt Monoblock Close Window  

Hey Eveanna -

I heard the 250's at Elliot & Kevin's yesterday and they were pretty good...just kidding - they were great!!! Coupled with the Aerial 10T's, I listened to a range of tunes from acoustic to pure hard rock. I WAS IMPRESSED!! Good job with the new amps - they rock!!

They look great too - which is important. Most audio manufacturers don't get that. Your line looks great though. My favorite is the Stingray - I wish it came in a 250 wpc monoblock version.

Steve McDonnold


The 250's have broke in and the sound is just awesome. The Martin Logan Quest sound fantastic in the triode mode now. The sound stage is open yet the voices and instruments are more focused. The vocals are right on, very open and airy, not to mention the more natural sound than with my previous amps. The most interesting part that I cannot explain is that the background is deeper, not only the soundstage but also the voices with in, maybe I should say the background darker, quieter, not that there was noise before, maybe it's a more rounded fuller sound and not as flat as with solid state.

When I really want to rock and roll the tetrode mode can blow the doors of the house.

GREAT AMPS !!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in touch ......


The numbers are still out as winter is not over here in Wisconsin. But so far I have saved approximately 22.957% on my gas heating bill using my 250 Neo-Classic mono's as the best sounding space heaters I have ever heard. The quality of the radiant heat that tubes emit has a organic quality that the SS amps even running in class "A" simply can not match. Tubes warmth seems penetrate and have greater healing properties. Plus there is also the savings of the glowing tubes that make a great night light marking their location. And farther saving from the need of another light source. Versus the dark and sneaky location Of said above SS amp resulting in bashing your gout infested toe into the sharp metallic edge of their heat sinks in the dark. As they don't glow.. That is an organic feeling also but not at all pleasurable.

I realise electricity is more expensive than gas. But hey I need to justify the cost of my new Swag.

So recapping my reasons for buying this new Swag.

  • 1.Saved on my gas bill using My Neo Classic audible space heaters. So I can now wear the short sleeve swag.
  • 2.saved having to buy a night lamp.
  • 3.Saved on not having to run a dedicated electrical line for the night lamp. Audiophile grade outlet, cable, cryo treated conduit etc. (it would have been very close to the rest of the system)
  • 4.Safety, No cut and bleeding toes.
  • 5.Safety, No expensive dancing lessons from the same bashed toes. Or learning exotic new curse words.
  • 6.Saved enough from the fore mentioned reasons. 1-6. So I have convinced myself to finally order my Manley Swag.

    Thank you for your time and great products. You may use any of my reasons as to convince anyone that they have no reason not to be dressed in kewl new clothes.

    Anthony A. (Tone) Routheau

    Manley Laboratories: 240/250 Monoblocks (previous model)

    Manley Labs is of course famous for being a very esoteric high end audiophile type of company. They make studio equipment that includes some of the best microphones you can buy anywhere in the world (more than several thousand just for a mic!) as well as mixing boards etc... The Manley Labs 240 watt monoblock tube amplifiers are beautiful to look at as well as listen to. With gold plated front face, chrome caps on their power supplies and a removable top plate to expose 10 EL34 tubes these amps are quite an eye catcher. Their sound is even better with all the advantages of tube sound, ie... no grainy edge in the highs like solid state amps and a much wider deeper 3D soundstage than solid state amps. But because they have high current 240 watt output they get great bass as if they were solid state! They have a great feature called "ever-warm" where they idle at low power so they are completely warmed up 10 minutes after you turn them on! And they cost $1k less than my Audio Research VT200 yet sound even better and run considerably cooler (and look cooler too). At $9k this is the best looking and sounding amp (or monoblock amps in this case) that I or anyone I've talked to have seen or heard yet!

    Joe Arnold