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For the price, particularly the new Shrimp with the remote control (very fifties, by the way), there is nothing that can touch this preamp with respect to overall sound, soundstaging, etc. I particularly like the big volume knob; very easy to use. And the color?'s just plain cool.

Now I do have a question: Would the Shrimp preamp sound any better, for example, if tube dampeners were placed around each tube, or would that be a waist of time? I understand that these dampeners can help with microphonics in other tube preamps and I was just wondering if hit would make hill-of-beans difference with the Shrimp?



PS. I also really like Manley's approach (or should I say your approach) to product documenation, notes on the boxes, and the like. Believe it or not, it was an additional point that I considered in my purchasing decision.


Hey, folks. Hope you are all well. I recently upgraded (an understatement!) to the Shrimp pre-amplifier and I wanted to drop you line.

I see your ads in some of the audio mags: "Turn It Up". Oh, yeah. "Want, Desire, Covet, Acquire". I tried to think of what comes next, "Joy"? "Rapture?" Or maybe just "Drool". Not much dignity in that last one but, hell, who needs dignity when you have AMAZING, FANTASTIC MUSIC!!

Seriously, this is an awesome pre-amp. At this risk of sounding like a cliche I never thought I would write to a manufacturer (of anything!) but, when it comes to the Shrimp I just had to. This jewel just allows the music to flow. The clarity and the presence of every vocal and instrument is stunning. Last night I was listening to some Neil Young. I could hear every inflection and subtlety in his voice; it as almost as though I could look down his throat (yuck!). Fortunately I'm a big Neil Young fan or that could've been awkward!

There's an organic, holistic quality to music through the Shrimp that I've never heard before in my system. Soundstaging, imaging, dynamics, drive, the Shrimp does it all! I can't say enough about how good this unit is; I feel like I'm finally listening to real music!

Anyway, thank you! You guys obviously put a lot of know-how and TLC into the Shrimp and it shows. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go drool some more...


Steve Romero
Long Island, NY


It's rare that I make an audio purchase that continues to reinforce my initial decision and put a smile on your face a month later (not because I'm overly picky but there always seems to be some form of compromise). I just wanted to write and say thanks for putting out such a great product and keeping it very cost effective for us in the real world. I've been through 8 different pre amps in the last three years and have always felt like I was being forced to choose the style of music I wanted to listen to with each one. The Shrimp is the first unit I've used that "just is" the music. It amazes me that that I am now able to "breathe" in the music with all the speed, detail, and depth of image that the music appears to have been recorded with. The unit is fantastic with all styles of music and has brought my entire system up to a new level.

I really just wanted to say thanks. I love everything about the unit - the look, the personal service from Manley, the sound, the warranty, and the overall simplicity. Not that my opinion means much to the world - just wanted to say thanks & to let you know I will definitely be a Manley convert from here forward.

Have a great week,


Now that you're back at the typing job, I thought I'd let you know that I netted my Shrimp a few days ago and feel slightly humbled by how good it is. How little I really know about our pal the electron! I took it for granted that a tube pre would give me a bigger soundstage and a more transparent midrange -- no surprises here. But I didn't anticipate the combination of sparkle and cojones the Shrimp has injected into a what had been a well-articulated but increasingly uninvolving sound. I did some "air conducting" this weekend for the first time in a long time; if I end up in the loony bin, I hope you'll come and visit, because it will be partly your fault. (Bring some spare tubes, please.)

One quibble: on the website you claim that the Shrimp is "sooooo much better" than an entry-level product -- in fact, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better!

Take care,



I have to say that the little guy lives up to my expectations and beyond. I'm at a disadvantage having recently shed all those gazillion interconnects that I'd collected and settled for the lowly Analysis Plus Oval Crystal, one pair single ended, one balanced but I've dug out my Cardas xlr to rca and rca to xlr adapters and tried it both ways. The best sound in terms of space between instruments and dynamic range happens running the CDP-10 balanced into the Shrimp via the adapter. I don't know whether this is caused by the CDP-10 being a true balanced design summed up for single end through on of those Burr-Brown centipedes or if the Belles 350A likes single end better, but why question success? So once I negotiate with Rich at Sigsound I'll send the Analysis balanced set to them for a face lift on the input end. In closing, congratulations on a great little crustacean. Its the first preamp I've listened to in years that just is. I am not listening to strengths and weaknesses for a change, just music, which is really cool when one is as neurotic as I am about such things. Now if I could only figure out how to black out the "L" in Manley so I could tell people it's my design.

Peace and happy scuba diving,

Laurance Maney
Distant Vermont

While I don't plan to bombard you with e-mail, busy as you are, our friend Rich is ordering me one of the little buggers as we speak. He's apparently possessive of his Herbie tube dampers so I can't keep his, but that's okay and I'll even resist the temptation to replace his dampers with some old turkeys I have from Chris Johnson from back in the days when I had thousands to spend on this particular addiction/hobby/whatever. At any rate, I'd just like to say again that your Shrimp is quite the accomplishment. Maybe if AARP would endorse it then you could make a companion phonostage for those of us about to be wiped out by the Prez.

Over and out,

Laurance Maney

Hi there, thanks for your real prompt replies to a couple of recent queries.

Finally I’m getting around to just saying how thrilled I am with my Shrimp and Snapper(s) combo.

I have not enjoyed, been involved in and even been shocked by the sounds from my system – as much as since I replaced my Perreaux R200i integrated with the Manley.

Its been a revelation !!!!!

I own a Wadia 861 with GNSC upgrade, and Duevel Bella Luna speakers, and the Perreaux is one of the best NZ made amps there is below the Plinius S250A mono block – but the swap has made the Deuvels just fly, and the Wadia enjoy itself like never before.

Again, I’m wrapt.

SO I thought it only fair to send you this email of testament to your gear.

I love it !


Chris Benson
New Zealand