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Hi EveAnna,

Frank Portillo here. Just wanted to finally get back with you on my Snappers monos. I am at a complete loss for words to describe the satisfaction I am experiencing with your wonderful Snappers. How did I get by so long without them. It's like having a beautiful girlfriend and regretting you didn't meet her years ago! Mind boggling! Sweep-me-off-my-feet pin-point soundstaging that is down right scarey. How do you do it? I really feel that I got a real bargain and considering the custom output transformers and the trouble you guys went's amazing! I now have a perfect system utilizing the Manley Steelhead, Snappers and my 15" Tannoy reds in folded corner horn cabs is absolutely beyond description. I am listening to my records again for the very first time. Never a dull moment. My, my, my, but I really feel that my rig is sounding as good as your fabulous sounding Manley/Tannoy rig! I can't begin to thank you for you and your staff's efforts on my behalf. This rig re-defines the term "high fidelity" and is the very best set up that I have ever heard.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this matter, but I've been too busy listening to music the way it is supposed to sound........real. I am constantly amazed at how sensational eveything sounds. If I happen to forget how great my rig sounds, it takes only a minute of listening to remind me of how fortunate I really am! This stuff is addicting! Never any fatigue..........I find myself listening for hours and then have to remind myself to turn it off and get to bed so I can go to work the next day. I find myself looking at the clock and saying: "it's only 7:00 p.m., I've still got 3 hours of listening ahead.......Yippy!" Then before I know it, the time has passed, and I'm still hungry for more music. I go to bed knowing that I can repeat the exercise the next day........and that gives me comfort. I find myself calling my girlfriend and have her turn the amps on so they'll be warmed up by the time I get home. If anything ever happened to my stereo, I'd have to go into rehab. I have been putting off thanking you for all you've done for me and I really appreciate it. Manley, Tannoy, Manley, Tannoy is my new mantra...........Happy holidays and hope to see you soon.

Frank Portillo
Simi Valley, Ca.

Hi there, thanks for your real prompt replies to a couple of recent queries.

Finally I'm getting around to just saying how thrilled I am with my Shrimp and Snapper(s) combo.

I have not enjoyed, been involved in and even been shocked by the sounds from my system as much as since I replaced my Perreaux R200i integrated with the Manley.

Its been a revelation !!!!!

I own a Wadia 861 with GNSC upgrade, and Duevel Bella Luna speakers, and the Perreaux is one of the best NZ made amps there is below the Plinius S250A mono block but the swap has made the Deuvels just fly, and the Wadia enjoy itself like never before.

Again, I'm wrapt.

SO I thought it only fair to send you this email of testament to your gear.

I love it !


Chris Benson
New Zealand
Hi EveAnna,

Just had to tell you that I auditioned a pair of Snappers about three weeks ago. They replaced my XXXXXXXXXX Mono amps. The nice guys at Holm Audio wondered if I'd hear any difference as the amps are quite close in watts/channel.

My jaw dropped when the music started playing. I'd never heard such sound coming from my ProAc Response 3s since I bought them twelve years ago. The soundstage was deep and wide, and the lower midrange and bass performance (formerly missing in action) was astounding. I finally got a sense of what the ProAcs are capable of sounding like with the right power behind them.

I do want to audition a pair of Neo-Classic 250s as well. They might be a bit of "overkill" but I'm curious to know just how much more I'll hear over what the Snappers do.

Just had to share my enthusiasm with you! The ProAc importer was right when he told me, "ProAcs sound great powered by Manley amps."


Thanks to your French importer I had the pleasure to have at home yours Stingray and Snapper electronics during a couple of days.

My opinion about this beauties=

Stingray =

Amazing sound, great fluidity and great timber accuracy. Superb soundstage. Hi-fi is - gone music is here - any stress, the silence between the notes is very impressive, perfectly evident (so necessary to make the music alive), great emotion listening to vocal or piano performances . A great experience and huge pleasures.


More body and powerful than the Stingray, great energy on all the spectrum range, very 'solid' soundstage. But, the essence of the music is less evident. The performer intentions are not so easy to understand, the phrase of the music is not so impressive, the cantabile of the music is less here than with the Stingray. The silence between the notes is amazing. Of course I am probably more sensible to the music intimacy and the beauty of the timbers than to the big spectacle of the soun... Both are great musical instruments...

Keep up the great work


Jean Marie

The speakers used was the OFFRANDE SIGNATURE. S.A.Sjean marie reynaud