Manley Chinook Phono Stage Close Window  
From a happy customer 10/2014

I recently purchased a Chinook phono preamp from your company and just wanted to thank you personally for developing such a fine product. I have been listening to all kinds of audio gear for most of my adult life and can say without hesitation that this is the finest component I have ever heard. I have read all the good things about the Steelhead (out of my price range) but I can't imagine how it could sound any better than this. I have purchased many re-mastered albums now available on 45 RPM and that's where this preamp really shines. Thanks again and best of luck to you!

From a new customer in Australia 9/2012

firstly me say thanks for organizing the Chinook phono amp for me and the excellent job you did on calibrating the amp for my cartridge. Secondly -- WOW! It is just about the most musical piece of equipment I have ever put into any sound system I have set up. It hits the audiolab out of the park in every aspect.
While I know it is still in running in mode, it is detailed, open and airy, musical and very engaging to listen to. That is, I think, its most striking feature -- music just rolls out with great presence, accuracy and ease. All albums I have played -- regardless of their inherent sound qualities -- sound just delightful, from old much loved stuff I've had for 30 years to new 180g audiophile pressings -- just come to life. And -- there is zero listening fatigue, I just keep wanting to put on another record.
I would have to say that it seems a perfect match for the Krells and has 'toned down' some of the transistor harshness I was noting with the audiolab and leaves the power, accuracy and effortlessness for those amps to do their job. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Manley Chinook to anyone who wants a serious phono preamp. (if you can't afford the steelhead you won't go wrong with its 'little brother').
Thank you again.