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Manley Labs - The Dojo. Vanimal's Studio

EveAnna has a 25' x 35' studio behind her house. The ceiling is pitched up to 15 feet tall. In the early 1990's all those ViTaL recordings were done there as well as some tracks for the Stereophile Test CD. These days the studio is a great hang out place complete with pool table, ping pong, fooseball, Nintendo, and Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga arcade games. The studio is rented out to Joe and the boyz in the Manteca Band.

Joe Rodriguez plays keys and guitar and winds transformers in his spare time.

Elvis is a cabinet maker by trade. He builds our Tannoy cabinetsM. And plays bass. And Takes us to the River.

J-Roz rappin' in da house! Those are DJ Ethos's two turntables and a microphone...

NHI show up sometimes.

First get your drums tuned...

Then place yer mics... All my extra blankets end up in the studio.

This is the studio's concrete pad in spring 1990 before it was built! The house was getting a huge remodel at the time.

Check out the huge ravin April 1, 2006 PARTY at the Dojo

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