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Manley Labs Product Templates

These are the PDF's of recall templates for Manley Pro Gear that we have online so far. More to come soon. 

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these PDF's. Get it here. It is free.

If you need an recall template for a product not listed here please email your request to EveAnna Manley.

Manley Professional Products Session Recall Templates:

Manley ELOP session template

Manley Massive Passive session template 
Manley Mastering Version Massive Passive Session template

Manley MIC/EQ500 session template

Manley Mic Pre MONO or DUAL MONO session template

Manley MID EQ session template

Manley Pultec EQP1A session template

Manley SLAM! settings template 
Manley Mastering SLAM! settings template

Manley Tape Head Preamp session template

Manley Variable Mu® MONO Limiter Compressor session template

Manley Variable Mu® STEREO Limiter Compressor session template

Manley VOXBOX® session template

Langevin Mini Massive session template

An independent archive of Manley templates

An independent archive of Langevin templates

Manley Owner's Manuals:

Owner's Manuals

Manley Retail Price lists:

Manley Professional Studio Products
Langevin Professional Studio Products