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Manley Labs - Customer Technical Support
9/11/2007 NOTE: The Manley Service Center has moved to Oracle, Arizona (near Tuscon). You will find Paul's new address below.

Service Form - Got a sick puppy? Would you like to register your warranty? Fill in the SERVICE FORM to get tech service, FAST, and Paul will be happy to serve you.

Spare Parts Orders - To order easy stuff like TUBES, LAMPS, and FUSES go to our new online webstore www.tubesrule.com. If you need some other special parts, go ahead and fill out the old PARTS FORM.

Despite all your help, nothing is working.
I need to send my Manley or Langevin thingy in for factory repair.

PDF's of Manley Owners Manuals - Oh yes! All of 'em, past and present. As they say... "RTFM"

Session Recall Templates - Because you already used up your master or lost your owners manual?

Schematics If you want a schematic sent to you by email, go fill out the schematics request form. You must have a registered valid serial number to receive a schematic for your particular unit. Really.

Manley Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Bias Trims - All of the Manley amps have individual trimmers that are used to adjust the individual output tube's bias. With a few simple tools the average owner can always maintain optimum conditions for the tubes and verify that all the tubes are working fine.

Tech Tips and Troubleshooting is a page written to get you out of a jam in a hurry or help you figure out just what needs to change to cure what ails you.

Compression Exposed is an in depth discussion on compressors originally written as an Article for Recording Magazine by Mike Rivers. Reprinted with kind permission from Recording Magazine.

Warranty Information as well as instructions on "getting started" are an important part of a product and often provide the finishing touch on the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer. Please place tongue firmly in cheek before reading our Product Warranty information page. OK sorry for that. Here is our REAL WARRANTY PAGE.

We admit that we do have the best customer service. We know it and we work hard for our reputation. And thank you for appreciating it!

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Come on by and get techy & nerdy with us geeks!

How to Send Something in for Repair (Please read all this stuff!!!)

First, you can email Manley Tech Support. Paul Fargo is our official tech support guy. You can fill out the form here and Paul will answer your questions. We encourage use of the service form to make sure you give us all the info we need to help you. Also if you use the form instead of directly emailing him, it will for sure get around our anti-spam bot so your message won't get quietly deleted off the server if it triggers one of the filters.

He'll do everything he can to save you having to ship the unit to him for repair (like if it is an easy thing you can fix yourself, like changing a tube.)


The Manley Tech Support department is located in Arizona. Paul moved to Arizona and took the Tech Support with him. (What else is there to do there anyway but fix Manley gear?)

If you need to speak with Paul for Tech Support issues, you may call him at TEL: +1 (909) 627-4256 x325

NOTE: As of 8/1/2003 all repair units must be sent to our new Tech Support/Repair Center located in ARIZONA. We also require prior Return Authorization clearance before you just blindly send something in for repair. If you do not receive an advance Return Authorization number from us or if unannounced units show up at our Chino, CA factory for repair, you will be charged extra for us to ship your unit from Chino, California to our Tech Support/Repair Center in Arizona.

If after receiving Return Authorization clearance from Manley Tech Support, you must send a unit in for repair, always include a small letter stating your NAME, shipping address, telephone number and email address. Also describe the problem in detail so we will know what we are supposed to be fixing.

Insure your unit for what you paid for it. Pack your unit well, in the original shipping carton with our special protective foam packing. We do not recommend sending the unit screwed into a hard road rack without an additional box and foam around the rack. If you send a unit back to us in a road case, we will remove it from the case, which we have to anyway in order to do the repair, and then pack it in OUR normal and proven packaging (box/foam). Your road case will be packed in a separate box and you'll pay more to get everything shipped back to you. So please do not send your road case/flight case to us at all! And no, tube amplifiers do not travel well thrown into a home-made wooden crate. (seen it!) If you send your unit to us in some other box, your some-other-box will be thrown away and your unit will be sent back to you in a Manley-standard box and you will be charged for new packaging. We cannot be responsible for damage incurred as a result of improper packing and usually UPS or FedEx will not become too responsible either if the unit isn't packed well.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2003: If you need to purchase original factory packaging before you send in your units, please contact Gamma in the PARTS department and order original factory packaging from us.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2006: We will charge one hour labour plus return shipping for units examined with "no fault found" i.e.; "user error" caused unit to be mistakingly diagnosed as cause of problem. Please make sure unit actually has a problem before sending it in.

EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 2009: Minimum Service Charge for all units returned for out of warranty service is $125 if the unit is ten years old or less; $175 if the unit is older than ten years old. Please note that units older than ten years old are more fragile and fatigued and require extra attention and will usually cost more to work on, generally speaking.

EFFECTIVE 2014: We will not ship units back to you unless they are in factory packaging. If you need to purchase original factory packaging before you send in your units, please contact Gamma in the PARTS department and order original factory packaging from us. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new set of factory packaging before we ship your unit back to you.

NOTE to people sending repairs to us from OUTSIDE the USA:

NOTE: If you are sending a unit in for repair from outside the USA, you MUST put on the customs invoice the following:

"Unit being sent back to the manufacturer for warranty repair only. No commercial value. No value for customs."

Failure to do so will incur customs importation fees for us and we WILL demand reimbursement for these charges before we will release your unit back to you. You can insure the unit for what you paid for it. But the COMMERCIAL VALUE must be stated as $0.00.

Refer to the RA# we have issued you on the commercial invoice. It is also a good idea to inscribe the RA# on the box or shipping label with a big black Sharpie® marker.

And another note for units coming back for repair from OUTSIDE the USA:

USE UPS! All the other freight carriers (FedEx, DHL, etc.) incur enormous customs re-importations fees. UPS (United Parcel Service) has the most effective and least expensive customs clearinghouse for units coming back to USA. We have to insist you use UPS for units coming back to USA. If you do not use UPS and we get charged with huge customs fees, we WILL demand reimbursement for these charges before we will release your unit back to you.

So after you have done all this, pack your unit well, write the RA# on the shipping label or on the box with a big fat Sharpie® Pen, and Send it in to:



TEL: +1 (909) 627-4256 x325

FAX: +1 (909) 628-2482

Our labour rate is $125 per hour for out-of-warranty repair.

You may pay us via PayPal using the office@manleylabs.com address. We also accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Do not email your credit card numbers unless you have a secret wish to have your card numbers snooped over the internet. Only CALL or FAX your credit card info to us here at Manley Labs if you need to purchase parts.

TEL: +1 (909) 627-4256 x311 PARTS x303 BILLING
FAX: +1 (909) 628-2482

Or to Paul Fargo in our Tech Support/Repair Center in Oracle, Arizona if you need to pay for your repairs.
Paul's number is
TEL: +1 (909) 627-4256 x325

We do not have on-line credit card processing as of yet, but someday we will.

If you just need parts and you don't need tech help,
then you can order your spare parts from us by filling out the parts order form here.
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