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Mitch Margolis - Chief Hifi Designer

Mitch Margolis joined Manley Labs in 2000 as chief HIFI Designer. His first big project was the overhauling the old "Retro's" totally re-engineering them into the Neo-Classic SEPP300B amplifiers. Next Mitch got our new phono stage, The Steelhead, swimming, soon followed by a school of Snappers and a fresh basket of Shrimp. Mitch then swam over to our pal Aspen at Groove Tubes and designed a few pro audio units for them.

2008 brings Mitch back onboard with us as Chief Designer for Everything 'cuz he is good at everything :>)

EveAnna and Mitch have known each other since 1990 when he used to come out and get our telephones working. Long time... long friendships. Mitch is an incredible circuit-guy. We're dang happy to have him on our team.

EveAnna, Mitch, and Tom Jung at CES 2001. Photo courtesy of Bob Ludwig.