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Gamma Ibarra - Quality Control

Gamma has been with Manley Labs since 1994. Gamma served a few years on the production line before being moved into the QC department. He cruised through the Audio Technology certificate program at California State Northridge with good marks. Gamma is one of Manley's most clever techs. You'll usually find him testing our most complicated pieces such as our Mixers, the SLAM!, or building entire Mastering Consoles from scratch. He also has taken it upon himself to manage production scheduling. Thank goodness somebody does!

Gamma's wife also works with us and builds all the GML printed circuit boards.

Gamma is a crucial member of the Manley team...

Sometimes we have to lock Gamma up so he will do his work.

Gamma is the 2006 winner of Scott Dorsey's Best Butt at Show Award sponsored by Positive Feedback Magazine!