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I Need a Schematic!

When you hit this email link below, you will be emailing EveAnna Manley to request a schematic for Manley or Langevin products that you already own. Hey, again, we ONLY have schematics for Manley or Langevin products that we built. We do not have documentation for ancient Langevin products we did not build here. We don't have schematics for other brands of equipment. If you don't see it on our website then we don't have schematics for it. That Maytag guy is always bored. Go bother him if you need help with your Howard Jalaikakik Memorial 30 watt tube amp.

For more info before you request a schematic, you can read FAQ #667.

You must be registered in our warranty registration database to be able to get your schematic. If you are not registered, please go fill in the Service Form and register yourself first because I will look up the records and if you're not a registered owner, then you can't have a schematic.

Hey! EveAnna! I need a schematic!

Yo! It is always MANLEY TIME!