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EveAnna Manley Acquires Manley Labs
Onward and Upward

Chino, CA. June 10, 1999

David Manley resigned as President of Manley Laboratories, Inc. and assigned his total shares in the Company to EveAnna Manley as part of an agreement signed on June 10, 1999.

EveAnna Manley has officially assumed the duties of President, CEO and sole owner of Manley Laboratories, Inc.

David Manley is no longer associated or affiliated with Manley Laboratories, Inc.

Manley Laboratories, Inc., founded in 1993 by David and EveAnna Manley, manufactures vacuum tube high fidelity and professional studio products under the MANLEY and LANGEVIN brand names.

EveAnna Manley has been de facto operating CEO of Manley Laboratories, Inc. since David Manley's departure in 1996.

New products released during this time by EveAnna Manley's design team headed by Craig 'Hutch' Hutchison and assisted by Baltazar Hernandez include the 1998 TEC award winner, the Manley VOXBOX, The Stingray Integrated Amplifier, and the 1999 Studio Sound Industry Recognition Award winner and 1999 TEC award nominee Manley Massive Passive Stereo Equalizer.

The success of these innovative products distributed by over 100 dealers worldwide have contributed greatly to the 75% growth Manley Laboratories, Inc. has experienced under EveAnna Manley's leadership.

We wish to thank all of the audio community for their continued support.