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Max Manley

This is Max. I picked him out at the pound the week before I had to lay old Ollie down in August 1999. 
Max helped me immeasurably to get through that event.

Having freed him from doggie jail, a prison name seemed appropriate. Maxwell, where dad served in 1978, seemed to be a fitting name........

Max was born probably in April 1999. He shed the rest of his baby teeth in September '99. He's a smart boy, learning his commands: SIT, SPEAK, PLACE, and FREE. He's also good with ROLL OVER, SHAKE, and GROWL. He likes to chew his rawhide bones and run around the yard. He loves everybody but will bark at strange noises. Actually he is definitely not fond of the uniform service man who comes and changes our shop smocks and utility rugs. And he hates the guy who comes to read the gas meter. Kill Max, kill!

Los Angeles artist, Robert Weatherford, was commissioned to do a beautiful oil portrait of Max. This painting now resides in EveAnna's dining room. Stunning!



Here is Max with his best friend, Bongo, Genevieve's 120 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback. Max likes to chew Bongo's ears, even when Bongo is on PLACE.

This picture shows two tired dogs.

vieve+dogs.jpg (97847 bytes)

Genevieve controls hounds from hell!!!!!!





*Sadly Bongo went to doggie heaven in 2007 but don't tell Max.





varimax.jpg (118008 bytes) Max guards Fletcher's special Variable Mu S/N 666

(Click picture to enlarge)

Max 9/99


Max 10/2000


Max chilling out 11/2002

Max and his new bed I bought in Moscow for him. 2/2003


  Max 1/2004


Max 9/2004

December 2004 news: 

Poor Max caught one of his front dewclaws on something and it was broken in half, but left half hanging. He hates the vets especially after they clipped his nails once, so instead of just clipping off the nail, I booked him in for a complete knockout so they could perform dewclaw removal surgery so we don't ever have to go through this again. While they had him knocked out they implanted the tracking microchip in him and also cleaned his teeth. He came through surgery fine and has little yellow booties on his front paws now. He's fine now yet still a little wobbly. Poor Max!

Poor Max. He is now so 1980's. Think
"He's a maniac, maniac...."


  Terry visits Max 6/2005   (Terry Howard R.I.P. 1957 - 2010)


Poor Tony is normally terrified of dogs. Last time Tony was at my house, Max came in and Tony jumped up a ladder in complete fear. I thought he would bust through the ceiling drywall trying to escape from Max. But now, see, Tony is getting much better. Here he is hanging out with that vicious Max 6/2005.


Max is definitely laughing at Tony!


Max riding to work with me in the Pinto 11/2007

Best friends: Bear, Max, and Mollie chilling out at The Rat House 1/2008


Max 2/2009


This is Linda's dog Bogey who looks like Max's cousin. 5/2008


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