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My Favorite Links

JUST FOR FUN: These will keep you busy for hours.

Check out the Manley FAQ's - Sense of humour required...
R.A.P. Comedy award, Best Post winner EVER: Scott Dorsey Roly-Poly Speaker
Audio Asylum Comedy award Runner Up: STEREOPHILE Complaint Form
Audio Asylum Comedy award 2nd Runner Up: Good run of audiophile puns
Who can forget J-CON?
Brittney Spears Guide to Semiconductors Physics
     Although she *is* a Manley customer... maybe she knows about vacuum tubes as well... you'll have to check it out.
This is how we feel about tape and vinyl too. We agree with you Shelby Lynne! 
New Product Release: Manley Spider 
Why order a Spider Roll when you can score a MANLEY ROLL?: Osaka Sushi Restaurant in Las Vegas
We also have some excellent restaurants in LA.  Bobby and Biff's Asia Restaurant is my new fave. 
     No MANLEY ROLL yet, but maybe someday.... working on it...
Some Less Successful Projects
Cool new pedals you need. Red Teletronix 
Cool marketing for pedals you might need. Those crazy Metasonix guys 
Solid-state gear sucks. You too can easily modify it like us using this product extensivelately in our manufactures recent..
You might be a TUBE-neck if....
Congrats to George and Cookie's most excellent wedding! 
        Read about EveAnna and Fletcher's most excellent adventure getting to the gig (on time)
        See Fletcher in a suit!
A more important motorbike tale... 
Chernobyl: An extraordinary photo essay from a woman who took her bike into the dead zone.
And here are some more interesting motorcycle pictures

Here in Los Angeles we also have four seasons:

, Fire, Wind, and Fire Season, We had a spell of  recall season. Killer Bee season is on the way.

And this is good: The HIStory of Michael Jackson's face 
And in other News of the Weird... 
Super Rant site: The Best Page in the Universe. I agree!
A must do: Gallery of Regrettable Food. The whole site is a blast. Check it out. And don't say you don't remember...
In the same vein: The Company Cookbook
I have a Portable Rotary Phone to go with my old stoves.
Then I need to put a Tesla Coil in my microwave and blow up some CDs and destroy stuff. More projects here.
Replacement Lucas Wiring Harness Smoke
Best site I have seen in awhile: http://www.cockeyed.com/ Always bring your camera.
How to respond to Nigerian Scam Artists. Very good reading! Or try this one too.
How to respond to Indonesian Scam Artists. More countries being added soon!
I like both kinds of music, Country and Western. The World's Best Really Bad Country Music Song Titles
And The World's Worst Album Covers! Part 1 and Part 2
And wait, there's MORE and yet still MORE!
Oh and you should see this example of good marketing
     Especially check out "Letters From Dumb Dumbs" at the bottom of the page.
Use proper ENGRISH!
You might just learn you sumfin if you read and learn about these Common Errors In English.
George Takei Soundboard "Oh my!"
These deinspirational posters are what we use at the factory to demotivate our employees 
     so that we never run out of problems to solve. 
See the NUDE R.A.P. page. You have been warned.
Where do you find The Beatles? At TheBeatles.com!
Large list of anomalies in Beatles recordings if you have nothing better to do.
WOW! Have your own streaming radio station. Pandora is AMAZING! Sounds pretty OK too. FREE!
You're not really in the music biz unless you get The Lefsetz Letter. Or get the podcast.
Channel 101's Yacht Rock series is a riot. SMOOTH Music. Keep the fire!
Since YouTube is all the rage these days, well, here's my fave video on it: Let's go get some SHOES.
You think you are smart? Well how smart are you? Take a free IQ Test and find out.
Now see how good you are at telling musical phrases apart. Take this free online music test.
Plastic Ocean: How we are killing ourselves with plastics. There's a plastic debris island the size of Texas off the Alaskan coast.
And to remind us all how small and insignificant we all really are, check out these pix from Space courtesy of NASA.
While you're at it, go look at your house from satellite. And topo maps! They are watching you.

Nitrozac's Daily Comics!! Tubes ROCK! Go check out Geek Culture


Pro Audio Stuff

The best education you can get about studio recording. Read this book:

Mixing with Your Mind by Michael Paul Stavrou. 
Go order it. Now.

Another book:

Home Recording Studio: Build it Like the Pros

Read and learn...

You aren't anybody in the music biz unless you get:

The Lefsetz Letter by Bob Lefsetz. 
Go sign up. Now.


The Gearslutz Pro Audio Forums are the place to see and to be seen.

All the cool people hang out on the prosoundweb.com R|E|P and MARSH forums like 
George Massenburg, Ross Hogarth, and Fletcher.

Lynn Fuston's 3D Audio pro audio forums are wonderful as always.

TransAmericaAudio Group Importers of Drawmer, Brauner, Soundfield, GML, etc. Brad is my buddy!

Amazing Microphone Resource

Pro Audio Magazines

Audio Media Magazine

Japanese musical instrument trade magazine

MIX Magazine

Pro Audio Review

Pro Rec Magazine

Pro Sound News: Pro Sound News USA covers recording and post, mastering and media, audio
for broadcast, sound reinforcement, plus product news for USA.

Pro Sound News Europe: Pro Sound News Europe covers recording and post, mastering and media, audio for broadcast, sound reinforcement, plus hardware and software news across Europe.

Recording Magazine

Hifi Stuff

Music Angle: Michael Fremer's excellent online experience.

ExoticAudio.org: Best commentary about HIFI craziness to be found on the web.

Coincident Speaker: Israel Blume makes our fave 16 Ohm speakers! These are a super match for the Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B amplifiers. Also very efficient and easy-to-drive designs that mate well with all our tube amps. Also I heartily recommend the Coincident IC's for great bang for the buck cables.

Joseph Audio: Jeff Joseph makes some really fine speakers that mate better with our higher powered amplifiers.

Merlin Music: Bobby Palkovic is one of the nicest guys in audio and his speakers are wonderful too. The STINGRAY is a particular good amp for his VSM's and TSM's, as are the MAHI's with a SHRIMP...

TANNOY: We love Tannoys! Some call me a Tannoy freak...

Cardas: We have won Best Sound at Show for many years with Cardas cable in the system. And George is a long time friend. Yes, I totally recommend Cardas Cable.

Kimber: I also use a lot of Kimber Kable in my system. Ray is a super guy.

Stereovox: Chris Sommovigo's skinny wires are superb.

Hi-Fi Magazines and Groups

AudioAsylum  the classic end all be all of hifi chatting.


Stereophile Magazine has new forums up!

The Absolute Sound


Positive Feedback