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The HP-100 was Discontinued 5/1996 and later replaced by the HP-101 at a price we could afford to build it for.
Langevin Studio Headphone Mixer - HP-100
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The Langevin STUDIO HEADPHONE SYSTEM, designed by "Hutch" Hutchison, is what every engineer/producer needs to allow him/her to concentrate on the recording without being constantly distracted by the musicians asking that their headphone send-mix be altered.

Each station provides 8 X BALANCED inputs (4 mono channels with FADER and PAN and 2 stereo feeds with rotary switches providing stereo, mono and SIM processing which reduces imaging differences between speakers and headphones. These 8 inputs appear on 8 X 1/4" jacks as well as D-SUB 25 multi-connectors making linking or daisy-chaining several stations easy. The D-SUB 25 connectors also provide pins used for several other communication and monitoring functions, including TALK and INTERRUPT.

The Mute controls the Power Amps directly and steps through ON, MUTE, LEFT MUTE and RIGHT MUTE then back to ON. Each station also has bass and treble EQ controls carefully optimized for headphones. A master stereo volume control feeds the built-in power amps which produce peak voltage (equivalent to) well over a hundred watts per channel to drive up to 4 headsets at any volume the user may choose.

Features & Specifications

    Langevin Studio Headphone System

  • 8X inputs (2 stereo 4 mono)
  • 4 Separate headphone channels
  • 2 x DSUB DB25 connectors for inputs and daisy-chaining
  • Discrete volume, pan and lo-hi EQ per headphone channel

    Optional accessories available for the HPA-100

  • 20 Ft. daisy-chain cable to link additional systems
  • Custom lengths may be ordered
  • Mic stand adapter swivel bracket

    Outboard Power Supply:

  • Dedicated external PSU per station.
  • Power consumption (120/240VAC): 13 watts
  • Factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country's mains voltage.
  • Operating Mains Voltage changeable with power transformer re-wiring via switch and fuse value change.
  • Mains Voltage Frequency: 50~ 60Hz

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price was too low that's why killed it.

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