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Manley Preamplifiers

Manley Steelhead RC Phono Stage

Known as one of the very best phono stages alive, the legendary Steelhead has been audio reviewers' reference for over a decade. Groundbreaking in concept with its front-panel loading switching and single LINE input, the Steelhead re-wrote the rules. With the RF REMORA remote controlled volume, the Steelhead can drive your amplifiers directly eliminating the need for another line preamplifier. Smart, fast, clean, and quiet, you will love the sound of the Steelhead. More...

Manley Chinook Phono Stage

Brand new for 2012 at last an affordable phono stage fresh from Manley Labs. The Chinook retains the basic audio circuitry of the world-famous Steelhead, and much of the flexible loading and gain switching, albeit, perhaps not as conveniently. Clean and quiet 45dB or 60dB of gain is switchable internally. Resistive and capacitive cartridge loading options are on the rear panel. Linear toroid-based power supply is built-in. Slick and streamlined, engineered for bullet-proof build and reliability and to slide right under your budget limit, hook a Chinook today! More...

Manley Jumbo Shrimp® Preamplifier

In 2002, we brought out our new entry-level tube preamplifier, The Manley Shrimp®. But it is so unfair to label it as "entry-level". This preamp sounds sooooo much better than that! The Shrimp is very quick and alive sounding. Good rhythm and extension. Very transparent sounding. We hope you enjoy our fresh and clean Shrimp cocktail! (Lemon and tartar sauce not required for normal operation.) Jumbo Shrimp now includes Remora Remote Control. More...

Manley Neo-Classic 300B Preamplifier RC

Our most esoteric product is THE 300B PREAMPLlFIER. This is the first and only preamp to feature these classic tubes. We had been designing the 300B into small power amps for many years and have always had great respect for the smooth natural sound of this tube. However, a single 300B provides truly appropriate power and voltage swing for headphones and makes a remarkable line driver. Here is where the impedances are not too low and the power requirements are not too high: ideal for this kind of tube in a single-ended configuration. This was the genesis of a new preamp. More...

BIG Upgrade to the Manley HIFI Preamps: REMOTE CONTROL

A new Wireless Remote Control, The Remora, was addded to the Manley STEELHEAD, SHRIMP and 300B Preamplifiers. The Remora controls volume level remotely and works through walls and cabinets, etc.



MANLEY Neo-Classic 300B Preamplifier RC $5,700 MSRP

**In addition to the Remora Remote control system, an additional White Follower buffer stage was engineered into the Jumbo Shrimp model to better drive the volume control. This fortunately resulted in greatly increased headroom and significantly reduced distortion in the whole unit. It is a big improvement besides being convenient.

Older Shrimp, Steelheads, and 300B Preamplifiers can be retrofitted for the the Remora RF Remote control system by the Manley Service Department.