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EveAnna's Little Gallery

EveAnna has always been a bit of a wacky artist. She took some photography classes at Chaffey College in 1997 and 1998. She built her own B&W darkroom at her house. EveAnna shoots analog with a Canon A2 fitted with a 28-105 EF lens or very occasionally a Leicaflex. She also has a nifty 15mm lens for her Canon. EveAnna shoots mostly digital these days with a Canon IXUS 400 (S400) 4 Megapixel digital camera and also has an underwater housing for it. She drives Photoshop 6 on either Mac or PC. She also maintains this whole website and does our brochure layouts. Click on the thumbnail to view a photo series reportage.

Underwater Photography Self Portraits Oil Painting & Drawing
Motorbike Trip Reports Black & White Photography Factory Shots
Bowie Concert CES2004 & Tom Jones! Maynard Ferguson
Wild AES 2005 Etta James Crazy NAMM 2004
AES 2002 Tubes Rule! Vehicles ALL Events
AES 2002 Booth Mural Shots
Artwork of the week:

Submitted by my nephew Chris Dauray who was working with us summer 2006,
obviously soldering too much... breathing in too many fumes...


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