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Maynard Ferguson Tribute September 30 - October 3, 2004

Maynard Ferguson (1928 - 2006) Rest In Peace.

The Maynard Ferguson Stratosheric Big Band Alumni Tribute took place September 30 - October 3, 2004 in Los Angeles. It was a four day event with so many great musicians, Maynard Ferguson band alumni spanning about 6 decades. Here are some of my fave musicians from this once in a lifetime event:

John Chudoba

Lanny Morgan and Don Menza

Mike Bogart

Nick Lane

Wayne Bergeron and Eric Miyashiro

Denis DiBlasio on the Bari Sax

Maynard dishing out some more jokes

Maynard dishing out some more hi notes...

Maynard and Bobby Shew trade off solos...

Superbone and Firebird...

Speaking of crazy inventions, here is Eric's wacky horn. Pocket trumpet with two bells selectable by a valve to choose which one he's playing through. Totally wicked!

The Vanimal with Tower of Power trumpeter Adolfo Acosta

MF Fans: Trumpeter Jim Manley with EveAnna Manley

Maynard and Big Bop Nouveau in Palm Springs October 4, 2004

We love you Maynard.

Photos above by The Vanimal ©2004

A Big Thanks to Gary and Marlene for hooking up the tickets!

And thank you Maynard for signing my book!

Photos below and more can be found at the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page

EveAnna Manley studied music at Columbia University. She played clarinet, alto and bari saxes, but also occasionally played a little trumpet as seen here in this 1986 Sports Illustrated feature.

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