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CES 2004 in Las Vegas!

No, that's not Tom Jones. That's Israel Blume, the speaker dude.
Scroll down for some TJ action.
We exhibited at CES 2004 again with Coincident Speaker.
Ever-enthusiastic Izzy poses with his new Grand Total Super-Duper Victory speaker.

Always with the goofy hats... Here we got one on Giulio Cesare Ricci from Fone Records.

But the fun really started when Mikey Fremer and Rick Rubin showed up.

And Rick Rosen...

Because we all went to see TOM JONES

And this was for sure more fun than some ol' silly hifi show.

Although there were also some serious moments as we questioned TJ on the state of his hifi system.
Oh the horrors...

Rick tries to explain to TJ that indeed tube amps do sound better than walkie talkies.

And for that I gave Rick a big kiss.

Here's me and Brian Monroney, TJ's geetar player and Musical Director. A big thanks to Brian for everything. Brian plays vinyl at home like a good boy.

This was such a great experience that I went back on Sunday night with some more friends.

Superstar Kevin Deal with Tom Jones.

Jeff Joseph and Tom Jones

The Vanimal with Tom Jones

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