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EveAnna's Black and White Photography

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Some black and white shots of me and vacuum tubes. 1997 Series.

The Subway as a photography subject presents an interesting and continuing challenge for me in my worldwide travels. Usually the available light is not so very available which dictates I use quite a long exposure time, (1/8th sec. is common at f4.5). A steady hand is required as I do not usually travel with a tripod. This creates an exaggerated sense of movement as different people are pushing for the open doors of the train or running towards their next appointment. Sometimes the train is roaring by while some folks are deadly still waiting for the next train. Sometimes the train is parked taking on its next load of impatient passengers. This combination of stillness and movement is interesting to me. The converging lines of the tracks also make for interesting composition with all the diagonals going on.

The other cool part of shooting the subway is being a stalker lurking around in the Hades of our great cities.... Enjoy!

EveAnna Manley, June 1998

These were some images I made of household pests for my Intermediate Photo class in 1999.

Moscow 1998

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