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I haven't painted since high school. I never did oils.
My grandmother had given me some oil paints when I was 12 years old.
So finally, almost 20 years later, my first oil painting in 1990.

This was just something I had in my head........... it hangs in my office.
I bought some more paints and canvas so maybe I'll add some more soon. Someday.

Here is a little drawing I did in 1981 (I was 13years old) of my 8th grade art teacher, Tad Mollenkamp, whose inspiration I still carry with me today.

Rest In Peace, Tad. And thank you.
You made a big difference to and inspired so many, especially me.

Above, I created the original drawing, pictured left, by laying down a layer of white crayon, then a layer of black crayon on top of that. Then I scratched through the black layer with a fine tipped calligraphy nib into the white layer creating a negative image. To the right, courtesy of Photoshop®, we can finally see the positive inverted drawing.

While I am at it digging through my archives, here's another piece I did in 8th grade. This tempura painting was an exercise using the grid method for copying off another piece, in this case the cover of a National Geographic book we had.

1982 Self Portrait. Pencil on notebook paper (of course!)

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I did all my best artwork in 8th grade.
Well, I think I did this drawing in 11th grade, and it ain't bad:

Up the street from my house, Collier & Peachtree, about 1983. Pen & ink.

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Also around the corner. The railroad tracks that pass under Collier Rd. About 1983. Pen & Ink drawing.
I used to hang out there a lot after school collecting stuff...

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Fun with Prismacolors and make-up-your-own-fonts... About 1983.
Yes, people were still driving big tanks from the late 1960's back then..

I don't like most of my paintings from high school. But this linoleum print came out pretty cool.
Like a woodcut print but with floor tile... damn thing's falling apart now too... good thing I took a photo of it.

This acrylic painting I did as a senior ain't half-terrible I guess.

I started working after school in 1985 for my neighbors Terry & Patsy who owned The Framers on Peachtree in Atlanta. (I was upgraded from mowing their lawn.)

Most everyone who worked there was an art student. Anyway, mat board scraps were free game and for the piece above I used a razor blade to cut away the dark green mat layer and peel it off to the core material. Kinda cool effect.

I was the official cartoonist for my high school newspaper, The Westminster Bi-Line. Here's one cartoon I did in May 1984.
As you can see, John Muir's "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" was my fave book that year.

Here's some little scratchy self-portrait I drew sometime in high school...

We had a Weimeraner named Moselle

All my faves became my subjects.
Here's Dan Chandler, our Band Director for a few years.

Two fun-with-Sharpie drawings. 1985.

I got into this scribble drawing phase later in 1985, inspired by a classmate, Jill, who got into it first:

Here's a fun party invite I did during 12th Grade:

I drew these party invites in college.
Back then, there was no Photoshop... just the xerox machine and scissors. Pencils and Sharpie markers...

And above, this party invite for a party that never happened.
I went to California to find a job instead of going to Mexico with my college pals, Cheryl and Pete.
We had it all planned...

I was always sketching in my class notebooks.
This one from sometime in college, probably about in 1988:

Working at The Framers On Peachtree in Atlanta for Terry and Patsy was one of the most important opportunities ever given to me. Sometimes I wish I were still cutting mats and framing pictures... and living next door to Terry and Patsy.

This photo was probably taken in about 1988. I still dress like that for work.... and we're still good friends all these years later.

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All original artworks by EveAnna Dauray Manley©; 1981 - 2010

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