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NAMM 2004 in Anaheim!

Always a party going on at the Manley Booth!
You can buy SWAG here if you want to.

Here we are with International Superstar Allen Wrench:
(From Left to Right) Junky John (Kill Allen Wrench), Jerry O'Neil (Voodoo Glow Skulls),
Hutch Hutchison (Manley Labs) * Allen Wrench (International Superstar),
Paul Fargo (Manley Labs) * EveAnna Manley (Manley Labs)

Ted Fletcher and Hutch exchange secrets.

Balta and Vanimal celebrate a successful NAMM show.

Roger, Balta, and Humberto try oysters for the first time.

Good to see excellent graffix dude Max Crace again.

JB came to visit from Frogville. He imports our pro gear in France.

He also imports Erica's stuff.

We love Erica.

JB and I rode motorcycles to NAMM every day.
Good thing I bought my ol' Honda Hawk back from my buddy, Cozmic Joe, so we had two bikes to ride!

George demonstrates "extreme stickering" while Balta takes a more subdued approach.

The coolest three chix in audio: The Vanimal, Erica, and Linda "ALL RIGHT!"
We are also the three SHORTEST chix in audio. Right?

After the show, Cedric came to the factory for a week of tech training.
We also taught him how to party with us at Tokyo Kitchen.
Mike Smith in tha house!!!!!

Jen & Elvis with JB deciding on what they want the guy to chop up for them at the Teppan table.

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