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Hangin' out with the wonderful ETTA JAMES May 2005

Ms. Etta and EveAnna sportin' their swag.

I think Sametto put this sticker on the studio sign.
I swear I didn't! But I am happy it is there all the same.

No it might have been Donto. He garnished his work area with more TUBES RULE stickers.

Etta used a Langevin CR3A for many years. She also owned one of our Reference Cardioid Mics but was kinda afraid of it for a long time until earlier in 2005 after we met backstage and she finally put her fears aside and began using it.

Left to Right in the studio:

Etta, Josh Sklair, Sametto James, and Dave Matthews tracking some keys.

Josh is a good MOUS-ER!

Etta likes her Manley hat almost as much as the Chino Police hat I gave her...

And as we can see, she LOVES her Manley Reference Cardioid Mic! You can buy her new album "All The Way" on Amazon.

We love ya Ms. Etta! Indeed you are a National Treasure.

Go to Etta-James.com

Go buy this album> (cuz I said so)

We love you Etta!

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