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2005 AES Took Place in NYC October 7-10, 2005
Here's the Vanimal's Crazy AES Trip Report... October 11, 2005

Here's a little mass-spam capturing a blur of last week in NYC at the AES show before I forget it all....not that I can remember it all either..... read on.
Cheers, EveAnna Manley

Man, I was completely swamped this past week at AES. Didn't get to sleep before 4 or 5am on any night for the last week. It was CRAZY! Never seen anything like it. Totally overwhelmed by literally thousands of people I interfaced with over the week.

The first night in NYC after arriving at 6am on a red-eye and then setting up our booth at the Javitz all day, I took my boyz up to Columbia and showed 'em my ol' stomping grounds. We enjoyed some tasty Ethiopian food and then played cards all night sitting outside the West End Bar drinking endless pitchers of beer. That ended up being a 5am-to-bed experience.

The next day was an all-day sleep experience. That nite I spent some time hanging out with Rick's girlfriend Renee. We all had dinner at one of Rick's fave places, Casa Mono, just south of Gramercy Park, where Roy Hall's son Ilan works. He is amazing to watch work. Hands moving so fast! Searing flesh! Frog legs! Razor clams! Numerous toasts to the late great wonderful Rick eventually led to another 4am-to-bed experience, but at least not with the hot Peruvian guy who was hitting on me at another bar... nevermind... I have a reputation to uphold!

Wanna see my KNOBS?

The show began and I can hardly explain how packed it was and how overwhelmed by people I felt. Maybe had a little to do with dehydration and hangover, but I have had worse... I couldn't even stay on my booth as when I'd start talking with one guy, up would come another and another and another and another and I could only throw out three words a piece to each of 'em successively getting carpet-bombarded with people. I decided it would be smart to evacuate my stand and have private meetings outside in the back loading dock with the dudes I wanted to spend quality time with. Just couldn't take the machine-gun barrage of people! Unreal. Never seen it like that at any trade show before in 17 years of doing this.

Mike Smith Movin' Quick and Workin' Hard

Poor Jay also feeling overwhelmed and mobbed at the Manley Labs booth (Photo by Balta).

I was honored to be asked by Cranesong Scott and Dave Hill to draw the winning names for their 10th Year Anniversary
STC-8 give-away. Photo courtesy of John Jennings from Royer. The camaraderie in this biz is wonderful. We're all pals.

Best Arms at Show. Hillary Johnson from TapeOp

Best tube at show from Eunice at KR.

At trade shows, when yer feet get tired, just lie down and drink beer, is my motto.

We were all a little wiped out already by the first night of the first day of the show. But we will rally for a Big Beef Sleep after a Serious Steak Dinner. (It's a tradition.) Gary had us arranged for what Johnny Carson called "The Best Meal in My Life" at Peter Luger's. Now time for a math exercise: Here comes the rain. Subtract some cabs. It is Friday night. Subtract more cabs. We are in Times Square and it is packed with humanity. Subtract more cabs. There's a terrorist threat on for the NYC Subway. Subtract more cabs. We have 5 of us to get to Brooklyn, 2 Froggies, 2 Roast Beefs, and the Hamburger. Subtract even more cabs, times two. It is Ramadan so Muslim cabbies aren't cabbing. We are so screwed for cabs. Out of nowhere comes our savior, Garrett the limo driver, and we pile in his stretch. After what was Not The Best Meal in My Life, although it was totally tasty, Garrett comes to drive us back to Manhattan. Good on Garrett.

Now this night, Friday night, I am back to the Milford Plaza EARLY. It is only midnight! Great! I plan on 8 hours sleep. Got to! But when I open the door to my room, I am blown back by the reeking stench of I cannot describe WHAT. When we checked in, there was a wet spot in the corner by the dresser. It was now dry, but whatever had been spilled was now ripened and fermented into a torturous aroma of what I then spent the next 4 hours trying to figure out. So again, another 4am night for me. Fortunately in the morning, the Mildew Plaza hotel staff heard my case and responded in favor by changing our room to a much more pleasant smelling one up on the 24th floor. Only the tub overflow cover was detached and the remote control for the TV was missing in that room, and if you ignored the pile of lint accumulated behind the bed, it wasn't half so bad, for $250 a night of course.... ouch.

My pal Erica. We are two short chicks in audio. But there are shorter.

I, for one, am taller than the Phather of British EQ at least. I checked! Hell, even Linda almost had him beat. (Howl!)


The TEC awards Saturday night was killer. Courtesy of my pal Erica at Universal Audio, I was sitting with Jerry Harrison, and Elliot Mazer and his wife, Diana Reid Haig. At the VIP party afterwards I wuz rubbin elbows with my pals Les Paul, Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt, Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Doug Sax, etc. etc. etc... what a lineup! If a bomb had gone off in that room there would be no more recording, ever. Except for Bob Ludwig who didn't go to the TEC awards for the first time since time immemorial. And "Where's George" Massenburg who wasn't at the post party either. I got about 4 seconds during the whole week with George. Just incredible how booked out we all were. Classiest moment at the award ceremony was when Apogee acknowledged Bruce Jackson. Inspiring. Gee, I might even acknowledge my ex' one of these days. Who knows. Kudos to Apogee!

Bill Park and Jim Dugger talking to Tim Farrant of Buzz Audio. Tim is my co-moderator at Geekslutz.

We were the premier sponsor for a giant party Sunday nite at Roscoe's Lakeside Lounge in the lower East Side. That means we paid more than all the other sponsors towards the party costs so we got the biggest logo on the party passes. Too easy to hit fire marshal capacity there so thank goodness the rain held off and we could keep most of the party out in the street, as we had planned by printing 1000 passes for a 150 person bar. Go Samara! (See her pictures here.)

The killer Eric Ambel Trio rocked down for us. I just love watching and hearing Roscoe!! (Go get his Yayhoos CDs!) Leslie and Nat furiously poured drinks for our mob all nite at the bar. It was the hit party of the show, and is now popularly known as "The Manley Party" so we have taken over the "Best Party at Show" award now for about 5 years running now at AES shows... too cool. We have arrived.

Fletcher was too gracious. It really was all his idea, I will be first to admit. Contact me if you need a Manley "SLAM one Down" beer coozie.

Cherney was there!

So was MW (that's Michael Wagner if you are not in the know)

And Max, David Glasser, and VIP Cookie Marenco! With Bill Park from ProRec.

Rupert, Dave Hill, and Hutch. They are really smart guys. Me? I just type.

Rupert Neve's newest company's booth was next to ours so finally when things calmed down a bit Monday I got the chance to chat with him and swap manufacturing war stories of my melting tube sockets with his melting transformer bobbins. Rupert called that "Liquid Audio". Thoroughly enjoyable.

Or was it the "Liquid Chunnel" he meant? I think it was some kind of freudian slip, honestly. To Rupert, I dared not repeat the tales of shit I was giving to Phuck-Us-Rite Phil all weekend after that Rack Robbery unit won the preamp category at TEC awards... I am much too polite and respectful. But to Phil directly I was relentless. And I will be here.

He came up to my booth smugly cradling his beloved TEC award, uhm, I mean TCE award. I shouted out, "Where's my bandsaw! We gotta cut that trophy up into 40 pieces so that the 40 other people's products you emulated and ripped off can get their fair share of what you stole from them!" Phil then said he would cut the trophy up electronically. I informed him I had already thought of that the night before (since I am such a Photoshop geek) and warned him that he would be infringing upon my idea. But he already has infringed upon everyone's ideas so, What The Phuck, Phuck-Us-Rite Phil?

Anyway, hang tight, let me get my Photoshop Phingers Phired up and I'll copyright it here Phirst. Anyway, I wasn't up for an award, but all my buddies were, so since it's a free country, well, sorta, I'm dishing out my 2 cents on this issue. You can't get sued for satire, and that's what this is, right?

The Travesty..........

..... The Serendipity: The best of the whole week was last night. Les Paul's son, Rusty, took me backstage at the Iridium after the show to hang out with Les. I sat on the sofa with Les for about 45 minutes chatting about the secret Hollywood Sapphire Group, which he helped start and I am a member of, a totally under-the-radar group that was created in the 1940's and *founded* the AES, about Ampeg and my Dad, and about Bill Putnam and other crazy recording history stuff... amazing. After awhile I felt guilty that we were denying about 100 fans their chance to meet Les and so I had to remind him that his public was waiting on him. We could have kept rappin' all night otherwise. Totally priceless experience.

Les Paul and Lynn Fuston

Jay needs a new camera...

Tuesday morning, woke up at 4:30am, the average hour for the last 7 days I had usually gotten to sleep at and got downstairs at 5am to flag a minivan cab (don't forget your Taxi Math lesson above) for the 5 of us. Baltazar was missing. Jay couldn't wake him. I had to go up to his room and drag him out of a drunken stupor and haul his giant luggage downstairs for him as we kept the cabbie waiting for 25 minutes already. Like the best of bandleaders, I fined Balta for being late the cost of 6 coffees for all of us plus a breakfast donut for the cabbie that we picked up from a cart along the way *and* the $55 tip I gave the cabbie for the $45 fare. Cabbie was happy! We booked it over to JFK and got there at 6:30am. Good thing we weren't any later than that cuz we had had it in our heads that we had an 8am flight, but it really was a 7am flight that was already boarding as we arrived. TSA only bothered to find one of the five lighters I had in my carry-on bag, as another guy next to me was raising hell for not being allowed to carry on an old automotive 6v battery charger. The flight wasn't full so I got to stretch out and get some sleep, more sleep than I had gotten any other night last week. And of course since I am a glutton for punishment, I will be in Las Vegas this coming weekend to meet up with my UK agent, Gary and his wife Jan, hook up with my buddy Brad, and to see the new studio at The Palms, and of course................. to see TOM JONES!


Poor Balta.......

Las Vegas addendum October 13 - 16, 2005, the weekend after the AES show:

Vanimal on the 15.

Gluttons for punishment, we just can't get enough. Just got back from another Tom Jones - Las Vegas experience. We met up with my UK agent, Gary and his wife Jan, and of course stayed up 'till 3am casino hopping.

Highway Mike

In the early afternoon on Friday, Zoe and Fran (FM Design) gave us the grand tour of the new construction hi-rise tower at the Palms Casino, which includes a recording studio too. We got to ride the outside construction elevator up 26 floors and tour all these lavish suites under construction. Very interesting for us to see. One suite for the basketball stars has a basketball court in it, complete with locker rooms and a scoreboard. Another suite had a two lane bowling alley in it! The studio will be beautiful. They had bought a bunch of my gear, so I am grateful for that. Thank you Zoe! They are having their official opening party in December and I think we'll come back to Vegas for another weekend of fabulous decadence!

Trumpet screamer Peter Olstad with The Vanimal

Saturday nite, after we enjoyed what might have been The-Best-Meal-of-My-Life savoring Kobe beef at the Craftsteak restaurant at the MGM, Brad and his wife, Janis, joined us for another wonderful Tom Jones show.

Brian Monroney, TJ's MD and lead guitarist, took us all backstage after the show to hang out with the musicians. That was great geeking out with Peter Olstad, Herman Matthews, and Les King. These guys are just too nice.

We rewarded them by swagging them out with Manley Coozies.

Peter Olstad in his hip jumpsuit.

Brad and Brian

Vegas was a profitable experience for me. I won $860 bucks over the weekend at Roulette. Hey, that paid for the carpet and table rental at the AES show!

Alas, I got home Saturday night and got hit with food poisoning. I had a SALE. Everything Must Go!

Anyway, that enforced my need to be in a coma on Sunday, after partying like a rockstar for the last 2 weeks, so it worked out for the best... :>) Now it is Monday: Back to work. Back to normal life. Yeah, right.

Vanimal Spice and Lynn Fuston at the big party.

Blurry photos courtesy of Lynn! Blurrier photos courtesy of Jay!

Everything else is mine, all mine. (Unless otherwise noted.) Legal Notice

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