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Manley EQ 500 All Tube Differential Equalizer was produced in 1997
Manley EQ 500 All Tube Differential Equalizer
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The MANLEY EQ 500 is a refreshing revival of one of the most musical passive EQ's from the past-- the "heart" section having been designed by Arthur Davis who seems to have worked for many (or is it most?) of the historic companies: Altec Lansing, Cinema Products, Universal Recording, and of course, Langevin... always taking his seminal design along with him. The complexity of the switching (using gold-contact custom built Greyhill switches in our reincarnation) is solely for the purpose of having no more than 3 components, (1 R, 1 L, 1 C) in the signal path at any given moment for maximum signal purity.

True, there are many equalizers around with many more "doo-dat" knobs, but they sacrifice a great deal of musicality (read: frequency distortion and phase shift) in order to offer so much "frequency bending". The EQ 500 we feel gives sufficient flexibility within the confines of musical, accurate tonality. The Manley gain make-up line amplifier we chose to incorporate in this model is a fully differential system which cancels out all even order harmonic distortion and adds that enhanced imaging size exclusive to differential topology. Another feature is a variable feedback switch. This allows the overall gain to be kept consistent while boosting or cutting and, more importantly, allows the possibility of reducing distortion in proportion to boosted (or inversely, cut) frequencies.


ALL of our equalizers are also available with detented, logable BOOST & CUT control switches precisely calibrated to 0.5 dB steps or as required.

Get the owner's manual for the Manley EQ 500 All Tube Differential Equalizer PDF.

Features & Specifications

Manley EQ 500 All Tube Differential Equalizer

  • Manley input transformer, pure nickel laminations. Potted in mu-metal case. 600 input Z
  • Flat frequency response from 10Hz-100KHz
  • PHASE REVERSE switch for balanced XLR input
  • Alternate transformerless 1/4" HI-Z (5K) input
  • BYPASS switch
  • Silent conductive plastic BOOST & CUT controls
  • Sealed gold-contact Grayhill frequency select switches
  • <0.01% THD @ 1kHz
  • Adjustable FEEDBACK / GAIN: Unity ±5 dB
  • Hi-current drive <50 LO-Z unbalanced output
  • Max. output (into 600 load): (+20 dBm)
  • Power consumption (120/240VAC): 18 watts
  • Operating mains voltage: Units are purpose built for original destination country's mains voltage:   100V, 120V, or 220-240VAC as indicated on the serial number badge. Power transformer must be replaced in order to change mains operating voltage.
  • 120VAC units may NOT be rewired to put the primaries of the power transformer in series for 220-240V operation or a large radiated field of hum will develop. If changing locations/voltages, the power transformer must be replaced with the dedicated one for the voltage at which it will operate.
  • Mains Voltage Frequency:
  • Dimensions: 19" x 1 3/4" x 10" (occupies 1u)
  • Shipping weight: 12

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

  • Manley EQ 500 All Tube Differential Equalizer Original Retail Price: $1,950 clams
    (USD $) per each

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