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Dear EveAnna,

I had the chance to bring my ELOP in for a quick repair today (thursday) and I just wanted you to know how incredibly nice your staff was to me. I got a tour (so awesome) and the best service I have ever had from a pro audio company! The ELOP is new to me and my first piece of Manley gear. I will buy more product from you because I know your team will take good care of me, and I live/ record 8 miles from your factory.


Mark Palmer


I'm 52 years old and have been into the high end audio since my mid 20s and I have NEVER received better customer service then I have from you. It has been truly a pleasure to deal with you.

Thanks, Scott Holman

I just wanted to thank you Paul and Manley for fixing my amp. I am deeply indebted to you for such hassle free repair service. It has never sounded better. This is my fourth Manley piece (75+75 VTL from Audio Advisor, 300B Retro (burned up in Cedar fire), Control Master Preamp, and 300 B NeoClassic. I look forward to additional purchases as a VERY loyal customer. Manley ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, THANKS!

Hi EveAnna,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job Paul Fargo did repairing my Manley Reference preamp. He not only fixed the problem, it also sounds better than ever. This is the kind of service that will make me return for future purchases.

Richard Irons

Dear EveAnna,

As an audiophile and business graduate I can only express my deepest respect for you, your company and your products and your attitude towards life and business. I read somewhere on your website a compliment for not beeing the stiff upper lip audiophile but relaxed people with a passion for good sounding music. I'd say cheers to that. Strangely I feel part of the Manley family..... now thats branding for ya....

Many many thanks from Holland


hey paul

man, that was fast. TBar kit just arrived, i wasn't expecting it until next week! >p? i just wanted to say that you guys have really got it together. every aspect of the Manley operation is first class - communication, service, can-do attitude, packaging etc.... also things like availability of schematics, which puts other companies to shame. not to mention the quality of the products in the first place! but one thing i've learned recently is that the best sounding EQ (no names mentioned) is not much use to me if it's sitting on my tech's bench for a month while we do battle with the company for even a partial schematic. your after-sales work makes me want everything in the studio to be a Manley product. and who knows, maybe one day it will!

many, many thanks,


Thanks Wez, we appreciate it. It takes a big commitment in time and money to support products, but it always pays off in customer loyalty. As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, if there are any questions regarding the installation just let me know, I've done a bunch of these things.

-- Paul Fargo, Manley Service Department


I am an Aus expat producer / engineer in Nashville, bought a Vox Box in '02. Flawless performance on many Grammy level projects , finally a tube bit the dust a few weeks ago, replacement & spares arrived fast and with no pain . I would like to thank you & your staff for a terrific product and service. .

Best regards, Mark.

Dear Eve Anna,

My name is Lewis Hopkin I own a mastering studio called Stardelta Audio Mastering (Check out the website link in the mail) In the studio are various bits of Manley kit including the unbelievably amazing slam mastering edition. I couldn't express in stronger terms how much I love all of the Manley gear I own. I have been meaning to write this for about 2 years and have been so busy using the gear I haven't had a chance!

Our clients also love the sound of the Manley gear and some come to us just for that sound.

I would love it if you added us to to your list of users. We have a link on our site that takes clients straight to the Manley site. If everyone used Manley the sound of music would be a much better thing. Thanks again.

Kindest Regards


Lewis Hopkin

Stardelta Audio Mastering

Hello Manley Team,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your work on my new Steelhead. You are to be commended on your attention to my problem. EveAnna, as the owner I appreciate you listening to my concerns. Paul, Mitch, and Humberto, I thank each of you for going the extra mile to make sure this unit works for me. In today's business environment too many companies don't get it - you obviously understand that customer service is more important than ever. In my correspondence with EveAnna she brags about her team members, and I can see why.

I will report back once I have had the chance to audition the unit.

Best regards,

Todd Coleman

Hello EveAnna,

thank you very much for your answer!

We all know, that the products from ManleyLabs only will add the best analogue processing to our music.

I thank you so much for that hard-to-get engineering success. I am very lucky with the units knowing that now, I finally can stop my research on "what could be the best gear for the mastering chain" in the studio.

At that time, I´m rebuilding the studio in my very nice and new appartment in Austria, Salzburg and I allready reserved a special place on the new custom-made mastering-desk for the "Manleys", which will be driven from a special analogue power filtering and stabilising system in front of the studio-power-network.

My best wishes to you and your extraordinary company, and I´m shure that in the future, it will be again and again a new "Manley" for the studio!



I like to thank Manley Labs, but you Humberto and Martin in particular in fixing the indicator lamp in my Steelhead power supply. I took it to Chino today and Humberto saw to it being fixed quickly. Thank you! Thank you! What I am grateful for is the flexible way you guys have to accommodate the customer. It was very nice to arrange for me to go to Chino (20 miles from my home) rather than to ship the unit to Arizona for a small lamp. I am not sure I would spent the money for shipping to fix something that did not affect the function of the unit. However, I most definitely feel much better having it fixed and works perfectly. Good job guys and you have one greatly satisfied and appreciative customer.


Thank you EveAnna, Hutch, Paul and everyone.

Your service, treatment and products have been nothing short of the ABSOLUTE BEST. You've got a lifelong customer. I'm getting stellar results with my Slam and massive passive. I'm a producer/composer for Videohelper in New York.

(nude staff photos at

We're a production music company providing music for the networks etc. We've had a couple of booths at the NAB shows for the past eight years and I've always wondered if that convention would be worth your effort. I get a lot of clients asking me how I get my sound, and I tell them how heavily I depend on my Manley gear. So thanks again for doing such great work you've helped me immensely.


Excellent, thank you very much. I am excited to try it tonight! New gear day is always a good day.

B.T.W., thanks for being you! I enjoy your comments in chat rooms about gear and music and stuff. I love companies where I can contact someone right away. There are a few mfg's out there who tell it like it is, (and make it like they tell it). In doing so, make buying gear a better experience for us studio cats. You are definately one of those people.

Keep on Truckin', Erik.

I e-mailed you about two months ago to credit you on your awsome web site. Since then I have purchased your Manley SE/PP300B retro amps on the second hand market. Which by the way, are very hard to find. I had a few questions regarding these amps and was forwarded to your employee by the name of "Paul". Apparently he is the answer man for techical questions. He went out of his way to answer my questions and was very patient with me. I want you to know how much I appreciate having someone of his expertise to answer all my questions. I am recovering from a second back surgery in two months and I sometimes have difficulty getting my thoughts across due to the medication I'm on. But, I never once felt rushed or that Paul was impatient with me. I just want to say thank you and tell you what a pleasure it is to do business with a company that really takes the time to listen. By the way, I sold all my [other hifi brand] equipment because your product is the best I have experienced in 300B's. I am hoping to obtain the neon classic 300B's in the near future now that I know how great your company stands behind your products. A loyal customer, Carl Flowers I could never thank you enough.

The PSU is heading back to you. All indications are that everything is now okay!

I also wanted to take a moment, again, to thank you and tell you how impressed I am by your willingness to help. Our family company is a leader in its industry, and has enjoyed success over the years because my Grandfather always taught that "the customer is always right", a motto which we still operate by today. Although this is simply common sense, most businesses do not practice this philosophy. I've had many problems with equipment over the years, and most of resolutions end up being a long drawn out process.

Your positive, upbeat personality is well known. I hope that your current customers, as well as prospective customers, also understand how willing you are to stand behind your product.

Best Regards,

Todd Coleman

Hi EveAnna:

I just want to say 'thanks' and a big thumbs-up for Paul in the Manley Service Department! My 300B linestage lost a channel a couple of weeks ago and Paul diagnosed the problem over the phone in about one minute and sent me the resistors I needed to replace in the next day's mail. I've talked to him a couple of times since and got some minor points clarified - this is GREAT service. Thanks to all and best wishes.
Best Regards,

Blair Roger

Paul, the cap and tube arrived today and everything seems fine. It takes, and holds bias. As usual Manley has proved to be the best audio company I have ever dealt with. So thank you Eveanna and Paul, you are great people. With thanks, Dean Willis.
I've had a Variable Mu since they first came out. I use it on virtually every session. Everything sounds beautiful through it. When I mix it's always on the stereo buss. My friends always bother me to tighten-up and thicken their tracks and mixes with it. The "MU" makes everything seem like a toy. One very important thing, Manley's product service is exceptional, even if you just think something might be off. I also own their 2ch. 40db mic pre. They're making a new stereo Eq so there goes another 3/4G's.


hey E-

marty from Austin, Tx here...hope all is well w/ you and the crew out west.

so i just wanted to drop the boss (you) a letter saying how excellent your service department was. we had some issues w/ one of our Ref Card mics, and your folks fixed us up nicely. it appears that you guys fixed/replaced the capsule assembly and a 10K 3W resistor...for the low low price of nuthin.

i'm not sure if we're still under warranty, though the invoice says we are...and i'm surely not trying to blow a sweet deal for us...but i have to say i f*cking love you guys.

anyway, that's it. just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew (paul fargo is listed as the tech) for coming through for us.

see you at AES,


I just want to say thanks for the superior gear that you make, and for a great staff as well. I have collected a lot of your pro audio gear over the last few years and I am Manley man! The craftsmanship and quality is second to none. I also wanted to send a thanks to Paul for sending me a Tube last week. I've only had to speak with him a few times, and everytime he's been great to deal with.

Thanks again for the great stuff.

Keep up the good work,

Brad Albetta
Monkey Boy Studios
New York NY

I would like to thank you for everything.

I have a Voxbox, Dual Elop, and a DVC along with my Reference Cardoid. As a general rule, I dread talking to tech support. Most of the time E-mails are unreturned. My experience with you has been top notch and makes me feel better about shelling out big bucks for your gear. I won't hesitate to recommend Manley gear to any one I come in contact with.

Thanks again,

By the way, I had contact with Hutch before I bought the voxboxes because there were two for sale on ebay (a rare thing) from one guy . They were in the first 100 made, so I was curious about the difference from then to now and I was really considering buying them. Hutch was incredible. I can say this because I sell very high end computer networking products and services for a living, and in your world and mine this kind of sale is a special thing. Hutch was able to do this delicate dance without bashing the older units, but was great in explaining the merits of the tube change from then to now. He also made it perfectly clear that I would get full support on the used boxes and he would be able to put in the new tube & do the changes at a small fee to me. In the end, I made the decision to go new based on the fact that I would own these boxes forever, and the few hundred dollars in price was not enough to go used. It was very encouraging to see them attracting bidding that was within a few hundred bucks of what I would pay for them new. Hutch taking the time to speak with me personally made a huge impression to me on your comitment to your customers, and his posture was very refreshing. His sales style was fabulous!

I am feeling a bit snobby noting the fact that I have two of only 850 or so voxboxes in existance. What an honor!

I also spoke with one of your tech support guys with a few questions after I got the boxes in hand. I forget his name, but he spoke with a heavy accent. He was top notch, and I speak with high level tech support people every day with my job (Cisco, IBM, Compaq, etc).

A perssonal response right away form the President, personal conversation with the design engineer pre-sale, and real time top notch tech I dreaming?

Keith Schneider

Hi Eve Anna. D'Mer here !! Just a quick thanks. My 500's look and sound wonderful. I will give you a full report/review once I can get more time. But what I also wanted to let you know is that Mickey, Lisa, Gamma and all the rest of the people I dealt with were just great. I had a few problems out of the box and they all seemd to be on the same team. It is great to see that they all seem to have the same goal in mind, taking care of the customer. They way you treat your customers is the way I do as well and that is hard to find these days. So, Cheers to you on having your employess take on your vision. Talk with you later. D'Mer....................... PS. Keep me updated on the Neo-300 Retros.

I'm really glad we had the chance to meet at NAMM.

I am really relieved to know that not all people in the music industry are snobs. As the president I know that you have many responsibilities and most likely overwhelmed by things to do and people to see. Nonetheless, you took time to talk to a no one like me and I really appreciate that. That kind of care and respect shows in the employees that work for you. Thank you again for being such a cool person and good luck on all your endeavors.

Joe Koyanagi
Silver Chair Music Productions
c/o Brooklyn Boy Books/Entertainment And Information


Thanks for the quick n/c fix on my Vari-Mu. I was back in business on Tues. thanks to you.

It's no wonder Manley is a successful company: great products, great service & support.

Now if only Santa will bring me a Massive Passive...

Barry Corliss
Seattle, WA (206) 282-2274

I scratched the cover on my control master preamp, (serves me right for being clumsy). Paul Fargo sent me a new cover IN ITALY in three days net (over a weekend). The world is getting smaller but premium hi-fi isn't getting any cheaper. Manley service is a GOOD investment.

michele surdi
rome, italy

Dear Paul,

Thank you for sending the fuses (and spares) so promply. The Stingray is back up and sounding beautifully. It's refreshing to deal with a company that is so responsive to their customers' needs. You guys are the best!

Thanks again,
Ken Bach

Larry -

I'm glad you like the Variable-MU as much as I do. It is a nice piece and I haven't printed a mix without it in more than two years (which includes at least one platinum album). I also own the dual 40 dB mic amp and use it a lot. I think you will like it as much as your limiter. While tracking an extremely LOUD singer last year, I kept getting some obnoxious crunch. I blamed the mic amp, even though I new the gain controls are actually input trims before the gain stage. The Manley folks were mystified, I was freaking, and they responded with a remarkable bench test of the 40 dB mic amp under various loads. In nearly thirty years of this work, I've never had any manufacturer do more than blow me off, much less put their box through the wringer and send me the results! To make a long story short(er), the mic amp is capable of huge output levels into most loads and I figured out finally that the C12-VR mic was actually blowing up and needed a full 20dB pad switched in for this vocalist (a first for me). Get your hands on one of those Manley mic amps, you'll like it.

Regards, Mark Williams

EveAnna Manley wrote:

Dear Josep,

The Purist will be more "clean" than the older VTL Deluxe, but you know what, for that deal and the fact that the unit is all hot- rodded, and the fact that it is already with you, keep that Deluxe. It's a nice piece.

Cheers, EveAnna Manley

and in reply....

Dear EveAnna,

First of all let me thank you and congratulate you also for being so sincere... It's not easy to find someone so honest in any business, not to mention in audio (where much of the times people "hear" not music trough his system but other people's words, if you understaind me...). It was easy for you just to tell me "OK Josep, the Deluxe they offer to you is obsolete and our new Purist will sound a lot better, etc" but you just has been (I think) really sincere when telling me that for the price it is just OK. I agree, and after another day listening to it (today I have had more time than yesterday...) I am sure that it is better than any other preamp I tried at home, and they are not few: C-J PV10 (very close second), Classé basic, Copland, Counterpoint SA5.1... and Krell! (the worst, worst ever than my AV Sony slightly modified by myself). I will not take more of your time. Thanks and congratulations again, and you can be sure that you have here not only a satisfied not-YET-customer (is just quuestion of time, next thing must be a DAC...) but someone with lots of friends that will be heavily recommended on your products (is they are half the honest than you, they are simply great), and why not also a friend.

Best regards,

Josep, Spain

Subject: Re: Avalon 737/Manley Voicebox opinions on

Date: 21 Jul 1998


I own and love the manley electro-optical limiter and the avalon 737sp. Although, I have not heard the voxbox, I am sure the limiter section is excellent.

I really, really like the manley limiter. It just sounds great on electric guitars and bass. I prefer it to the opto limiter on the avalon. I feel the magic to the avalon is the discrete eq section....this is worth the price of admission.

The mic pre section on the Avalon 737sp ranks right up there with my John Hardy M-1 (my personal favorite) and my discrete Neve. Although I do not own one, The manley pre's that I have heard are superb.

I would think the pre's in these units to both be good. I would give the nod to manley in the limiter section and give the nod to avalon in the eq. Both are made by top shelf manufacturers, although I have personally found the staff at Manley to be extremely helpful and responsible. Either choice should net you the results you hope for.


Subject: The sturdiness of Manley

Date: 1996/10/13 Newsgroups:

Fletcher wrote: we *never* miss deadlines, we probably have one of the fastest turn around time of *any* >service/restoration shop in the country. .....Anybody want to testify?

Ken Hickey writes:

Sure, I'll jump in here to testify on Mercenary's behalf. Aprox 1 week after I purchased a Tube Tech LCA2b from Mercenary it stopped working. I called up Fletcher and in less than 1 hour he called me back with a return authorization #, an address to ship it to and the promise of a loaner unit which was delivered to me the next day to use while my Tube Tech was being repaired. Not only did Mercenary personally deliver this loaner, but it was a Manley Variable Mu. Mercenary came through for me big and turned a situation that truly sucked into an opportunity for me to check out another great piece of gear while maintaining the same level of service to my studio. Granted, not everyone lives an hour away from Mercenary but I have always been treated fairly and been given excellent service by them and would expect them to be top notch regardless of your locale. I highly recommend them.

With regard to "The Sturdiness Of Manley" I can say a number of things. I own several pieces of Manley gear. One of the first things I noticed about the Variable Mu was how rugged and well built it seemed. The face plate is the thickest I've seen on any piece of gear and one look inside(ok I peeked under the hood) reveals an attention to detail in layout and meticulously hand soldered parts that speaks volumes on the type of craftsmanship that I (being a former machinist) unfortunately seldom see these days. The same goes for their ELOP, dual mono mic pres and their EQP1a copies. In the time I have owned this gear I have been very careful when transporting it and have always been the one moving it around so I can not say how the road would treat this gear. But I will say I would never let any tube gear get moved by others unless it was well protected in a shock mount rack for the same reason I wouldn't throw a box of light bulbs in my trunk. Folks, let's be sensible, there are thin glass parts in there.

Of course no mater how careful you are, shit happens. In my history of using and moving this Manley gear I have had only one problem, a tube in my ELOP went microphonic. I called Manley and they immediately shipped me two replacement tubes NC which solved the problem. Manley is another company I can't say enough about. Through my experience I have come to know these people to be dedicated to the highest standards whether you're talking about circuit design, manufacturing or customer service. They have a true passion for excellence in their work and back up their products 100%.

I conclude by saying I have no affiliation with Mercenary Audio and have nothing to gain by endorsing them. With regard to Manley Labs I again have nothing to gain by this endorsement although I am admittedly biased for I am not without affiliation to them. After the great service I received from Manley I approached them on behalf of my web design company and was contracted to redesign and maintain their www site. Taka

Ken Hickey

H3Web Design

Psyligoose Productions

Dear EveAnna Manley,

I just received the tubes this afternoon! Thank you very much, I'm and extremely appreciative of the fact you sending the tubes as priority shipment. I will hook them up this evening and should have the system firing over the weekend once again. Will let you know how it goes.

IOnce again, thank you very much to both you and Mickey. I think you got a great person handling customer services. I wish you and all at Manley Labs a wonderful & fruitful future!!!

Best regards,

Rajeev Jayasinghe
Sri Lanka

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