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Manley Labs - Contact Information Page

Contact Tech Support > Contact Paul Fargo
Spare Parts Requests > Contact our PARTS Department
Sales info & General Gear Questions > Contact EveAnna Manley
Where is a Manley HIFI dealer? > Contact a Manley Hifi Dealer
Where is a Manley Pro Studio gear dealer? > Contact a Manley Pro Dealer
Office related inquiries, billing, payment, etc. > Contact Marita Barber in the office
Manufacturing related: suppliers, vendors, purchasing, etc. > Contact us in the factory
Register your Manley or Langevin thing online.
Factory telephone and address

Get Tech Support:

If you want to register your new Manley gear online, or you need technical advice, or you need parts or need to have your gear tweaked or fixed in any way, you should go to our Service Page, then send us some info from there. Paul will take good care of you.

It's also quite possible that any questions you may have regarding technical issues such as tube bias adjustment and calibration procedures or just general trouble shooting can be answered in the many online documents provided on our Tech Page, you might want to check there first for obvious answers before we have to re-type everything out for you.

For TECH SUPPORT, you should use the Service Page to get your Tech Support request to Paul. This will assure that your message gets through to him.

PLEASE NOTE: The Manley Tech Support department is located in Oracle, Arizona. Paul moved there and took the Tech Support with him. (What else is there to do there anyway but fix Manley gear?)

If you need to speak with Paul for Tech Support issues, you may call at +1 (909) 627-4256 x325

or his other direct line +1 (520) 896-9127

Sales Info & General Gear Questions:

If you need Pre-SALES information or you have GENERAL Manley or Langevin GEAR questions or you need to contact the head honcha, EveAnna Manley, directly,  

NOTE: EveAnna travels a lot so do not always expect instant answers from her. Seek your answers more intently on this website. Read those product pages and owner's manuals, read the FAQ page, etc. Despite the post-surgery scar tissue from her broken wrist years ago and recently developed trigger fingers on her left hand, she still types too much every day, so just try not to add to her pain... Her job is not to give you a personal website tour, so please do that on your own time. There is a lot of info here for you at manley.com so if after your careful research you still need answers, please then email her and she will gleefully reply, albeit perhaps less wordily than your query. She is not always instantly available by telephone either, but if you want to call her, call the factory +1 (909) 627-4256 and punch in her extension 666, and leave a message. Email is usually the quicker way to go, in true fact., as she can also pick it up on her iPhone.

Note: To be sure your message doesn't get kicked off the server by our anti-spam-bot, keep "MANLEY LABS:" in the subject line and feel free to append an appropriate subject matter to it.

Note for folks with web-based email: EveAnna's email is the first letter of her first name followed by her last name at manleylabs d o t c o m. If you are confused, just call..

Spare Parts Requests:

If you just need to order some SPARE PARTS, such as spare tubes, light bulbs, fuses, or TSHIRTS, and you don't have any other techie questions to ask, you can order directly from our TUBESRULE webstore. That's easy.

If you need some other parts help for more complicated parts, you can hook up directly with Gamma in our parts department and he will fill your parts order for you.

Fill in the ol' PARTS REQUEST FORM and we will get back to you with ordering info.

You can also reach our Parts Department at the factory by dialing +1 (909) 627-4256 x311

Office related: invoices, billing, payment, paperwork, etc.

For general OFFICE stuff, like billing and payment related stuff, and she'll find out the answer for you. Don't email Marita any questions about GEAR as she only does invoices and bookkeeping stuff and she doesn't even have a hifi system at home nor does she know anything about studio gear except what it costs. Rather email EveAnna if you have some GEAR questions.  and she'll find out the answer for you.

Note: To be sure your message doesn't get kicked off the server by our anti-spam-bot, keep "MANLEY OFFICE:" in the subject line and feel free to append a pertinent subject matter to it.

Note for folks with web-based email: Marita's email address is OFFICE at manleylabs d o t c o m.

For emergencies, call the factory,
or call your mother.
She can probably help you.
Factory telephone and address:

Of course you can always call us at
+1 (909) 627-4256

Hit "0" to bypass the menu and get
a real live person on the phone.

EveAnna's Cell Phone

Or if you are really in the dark ages you can FAX us at +1 (909) 628-2482 (Sorry no TELEX.)
Or if you like licking stamps, or you want to run some cups and strings, our physical address is:

Manley Laboratories, Inc.
13880 Magnolia Ave.
Chino, CA 91710 USA

Note: Sorry for the extra rules to follow to make sure your email gets through. I am so very sick of wasting half my day wading through hundreds of junk mails trying to sell me drugs for body parts I do not have. Now NO MORE! I wrote some excellent filters for server-side mail monitoring for all of our accounts that has now reduced my spam count from over 300 per day to maybe one or two pieces. Offending messages now get yanked right off the server and I cannot read them. Now I have more time to answer YOUR email! Or maybe even sleep... Thanks for your understanding.

Cheers, EveAnna Manley

Manley Laboratories, Inc. 13880 Magnolia Ave. Chino, CA 91710 USA   |   Tel: +1(909) 627-4256   |   Fax: +1(909) 628-2482   |   www.manley.com